Tantric Sex

A lot of people who wants to vitiate their intimate live have heard about tantric sex. However, only few people has succeed upon reaching this unearthly pleasure in this way while the defied attempts of the others keep failing again and again. We will try to help you to puzzle out what exactly you did wrong to avoid it in future.

What is tantric sex?

First of all you must have the understanding of what tantric sex exactly is. This kind of sex is a part of eastern system of philosophy which is named tantra. It consider not only physical but also spiritual unity of sexual partners during the coition. In tantric sex it’s more important to give pleasure to your partner, not yourself. And perhaps pleasure isn’t a proper word in this situation, “sending your partner into a space” fits better. While the regular sex lasts 15 to 40 minutes, one session of tantric love can go on for 2 and up to 10 hours in a row. Usually an average man can reach the orgasm in 5 minutes after the start of the sexual transaction. For a tantrist it’s nonsense. He prolongs sex on purpose to give his partner as much please as it’s possible and to cum at the same moment with her which actually is a purpose of such kind of sex. By the way, tantra doesn’t apply the anal sex. That doesn’t mean that anal sex is something bad. Both kinds of sex have something good and should be considered just as different ones.
Those people who practice tantric sex consider it not just as a sex and satisfaction of your own physical needs and desires. They consider it as a spiritual unity of two people and a crisper understanding of preferences of your sexual partner. Also you might even widen your perception through the regular trainings.


Before you’ll fall upon sex you should take into account a few moments which are very important in tantric practices.
Speaking of the attention concentration on your sexual partner, atmosphere is the most important thing. It is recommended to practice intimate tantra in the light time of the day. Besides you should take away all bright and colorful things (like books, magazines, etc.) from your field of vision which might take your attention away. Only your partner and any of her emotions and feelings should exist for at that moment.
Eating too much food before sex won’t make the thing better. After heavy supper you will more likely tumble like clumsy seals instead of actively fucking each other. As for tantric sex, it’s for even more serious here. Experienced tantrists suggest eating only porridges for a few days before the sex to prepare the body for the spiritual unity with your partner. If you can’t decline the normal food then you should at least limit yourself with aphrodiacs, like oysters, coconuts, peanuts, honey, asparagus, avocado, ginger, coriander, cinnamon, celeriac, ginseng, all kinds of citrus and exotic fruits, all kinds of mushrooms, especially truffles, also apples, chocolate, coffee and cacao.
Breathing is another important component of successful tantric sex. Before the session start lay down against of your partner and imagine that there’s a brilliant orange light going through your bodies. At that you should also control your breathing, breath in one rhythm in time with your partner’s breath. This exercise is a must do thing as for the preparations to the tantric sex.
A good way to relax before the tantric love session is taking a bath. Water can take away all your strain and will allows you to move smooth and freely. Also you can do a massage using aromatic oils and balsams. If you have relaxed before it, then such massage will give you an incredible pleasure.
Very important thing is evenness of moves and full relaxation of the body. Any strain will only hasten the orgasm. You should move slowly and calmly just like in a slow motion, enjoying every moment of a sexual intimacy with you partner. Hasting in hurry for the satisfaction is not the option.

And of course, since tantric sex means not only physical unity but also spiritual, the only thing you should think about while the session is your partner. Watch her reaction on your actions, explore her, study her body. If you or you partner got any “buzzing” problems in your minds – then you should get rid of them before the session start, otherwise they’ll screw everything. So, the only few things that you should keep in mind at that moment are you, your partner and what is going on with you at the very moment of now. Everything else should be out of your attention.

Increasing the sensibility

Sensility in tantric sex is very important too. But unluckily not everyone can clearly understand what exactly they feel at the moment. That’s not a big problem because with the help of few exercises you can easily increase the sensitivity of your sensorium. Increasing the sensitivity of your nose, ear and contact sensations will grant you more chances to send your woman to the outer space of increadible feelings.

A long standing partner

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