Shower Sex

Sooner or later it happens that sameness comes into the sexual life of any couple. And to prevent a sexual depression that might be caused by it, sexual partners start to look for the problem solution. More likely the first idea you’ll get is to have sex in some unusual place, like in the car or somewhere in the wild nature. Those who enjoy taking a steam-bath will surely try out a sex in sauna. But remember not to try it right in the steam room or that experiment will turn out to have a bad ending.

Seeking for the perfect place

There definitely are such people who don’t like the idea of sex outside of the house. What they say is that sex topic mustn’t go out of the bedroom. Such couples would like to try sexperimenting right at home. One of the places applicable for this is bathroom. And it mostly doesn’t matter if you got a bath tube or a shower unit there. It’s possible to have sex anywhere you like, probably in a house that is currently on fire, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of bathroom fixture you got.
Speaking of sex, shower is quite tempting thing. Just remember all those incredibly hot movie sex scenes. Of course, in real life it all won’t look so great and fascinating like on the screen. But this is not to say that you and your girlfriend won’t get any pleasure of having love oblectations together in the shower. There’re s not much sex positions applicable for shower sex but still it’s quite enough to satisfy your lust and to enliven your sexual life.

Try not to slip

The most widely used shower sex position is something that looks like doggy-style with only one difference: both you and your partner are standing on your feet, not knees. In conditions of confined space this position wins twice. A girl should bump up against the wall with her hands and bend over so you could put you cock right in her pussy from behind. Also this position might be changed a bit letting all the initiative to a girl’s hands. This time a man should be the one who’ll bump up against the wall, but with his back instead of hands, and girl should move with her ass sticking your dick in her. You also could use an original doggy-style sex position in case if your bath or shower unit is big enough.
You will find not less interesting positions among the sitting sex positions. A man should take a “lotus” position while a girl should embrace him with his legs. This position places the partners very close to each other giving a good body contact and letting you to stimulate her bean. Also you can put the girl onto the banking board of the bath tube to fuck her face to face, but it’s quite risky and hard to hold her still.
As for blow job, a man should stand in full length while a girls should stand on her knees and giving him a head. Also man could sit on the banking board but in this case her moves might be hindered because of small bath tube sizes. As for the pussy eating you should use the same positions, so everything goes the same except one thing: it’s more preferable to use a position when girl sits. Those who love exotic could also try out sixty-nine sex position, it won’t be hard in a bath tube as well as in the shower unit.

There’s no such thing as too much lubricant

Also you should remember that water washes out natural lubricant. To prevent chafing you should take some silicone based lubricant with you in the shower. By the way if you have decided to use service of escort service girl and try out shower sex with her then you got into the right place. Almost all Kiev escort service girls holds all possible lubricants and other such stuff in their bathrooms, so you won’t even need to go anywhere or worry about something.
Never be afraid to experiment! But also try not to run to extremes.

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