Sex Without Condom – Is It Dangerous?

In 60’s of 20th century American movement of hippies, which later has become an international one, propagandized a free love. According to the ideas of free love any man could have sex with any woman and wise-versa – kind of an moral-free sex without any engagement. Moreover, in addition to a completely free choice of the partners you could also be free at choosing the place where you’d like to have sex. Be it a sex in a public transport or any other public place or anywhere else – it all was allowed. Basically ideas of free love were called to create and consolidation of the peace between all the humans. But unfortunately such free sexual relationships have brought into the people’s life a bunch of problems such as STD and AIDS.

Aftermath of a free love

Back then in times of hippies those problems were got the general distribution around the world and as a result people were forced to use means of contraception in terms of saving their own health and sometimes even life. Exactly back then the usage of condoms has become a necessity. Nowadays there are tons of different advertises that calling people up to usage of means of contraception. But even though, sex without condom still exists. But all those agitations and tries to reach out the people’s minds somehow were successful and as a result we can see the decrease of amount of STD and AIDS positive people in the world. However South Africa and Eastern Europe still has quite big concentration of infected people.


Along with the possibility of being infected with STD or AIDS, unprotected sex carries out the menace of the unwanted pregnancy. A lot of people think that swerve can solve that problem. But the thing is that during the sex, some amount of sperm is being ejaculated from man’s penis. Getting into the vagina, this amount might be enough to make a girl pregnant. That’s why sex without condom along with stronger feelings can also bring you a bunch of troubles, like very dangerous or even lethal diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

Back door

If you principally can’t or don’t want to have sex with using the condom because of the lesser sensitivity or even lose of potency, then you should find a constant sexual partner and ask her to install a loop. It worth noting that if you and your girl sometimes practice anal sex, you shouldn’t go into her with no condom on. Anal is the most dirty place of human, penetration in which just have to be protected.
If you actively fall back on the Kiev escort service girls then you should take a protected sex as a rule. Of course, a lot of escort service girls take care of their health, regularly visit the doctor and stuff, but along with them there are girls and agencies that aren’t really responsible that much. So you should be careful and don’t forget about your little rubber friends, because one day they might save your life.

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