Sex with a Rubber Doll – User Manual

In life of any man there happens a moment when he understand that his woman can’t give him everything he’s looking up for in sex. He goes on searching new girls or just switch to alternative ways of sexual satisfaction.
One of such alternative ways of sexual satisfaction is a sex with a rubber doll. Usually its size doesn’t exceed one and a half of meter and it’s made of latex or plastic materials. All dolls has two or three holes for blow job and anal sex.

Price and quality attributes

Upon buying such instrument for satisfaction of your own the filthiest and lustful fantasies, you should take into account few things. First of all you should decide what exactly do you expect from the appearance of your rubber girlfriend. If you’ll be pleased with a common rubber doll with no actual detalization of her face and body shapes, then it means that its price won’t be high at all. In case if you want to get a realistic rubber woman, you’ll have to pay quite a lot for it. In creation of a high quality rubber sexual dolls silicone or high quality cyberskin is used. Those two materials makes a doll’s look more realistic and prolong its life.

Advices upon the usage

You should into account that even the most expensive doll can’t generate a lubricant on its own because it’s an uninspired thing. So if you don’t want to get a callosity or any other microtrauma of your the most precious thing, we highly recommend you to use lubricant. You should use only water-based lubricant to prevent possible damage of your doll.

The most safe are the sex positions are those when the pressure on the doll is minimal since plastic is quite fragile material and can be ruined under the pressure of your body easily. You should keep the doll in a dark and air-conditioned place. Before the usage you should clean up its surface with an antiseptic or at least with warm water. But it’s strongly recommended to do not use a hot water, abrasive or blanch moieties since they can damage the plastic.
After having a sex with rubber doll don’t forget to clean it up. As an alternative way, you can use condoms. In this way you won’t need to clean it up after each usage and using a lubricant probably won’t be that much necessary.

A living human is still better

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