Sex With A Prostitute

As everyone knows, prostitution is the oldest profession on Earth. First it was mentioned in nearly 2300 B.C. and it’s referred to Mesopotamia. This is about giving your body to your partner for a material gain. But basically first manifestations of this occupation can be very possibly could be met in a primitive society of humans who lived in caves.
Such form of relationships between male and female can be met not only in a human society but also among our little brothers – animals. In example, female baboon after having a sexual contact with a male can freely steal a part of his food and he will be totally okay with it and won’t objections about it.

A Hundred Whys

Reasons of why sex with a prostitute sooner or later happens in life of barely every man are very different. Somebody is looking for one night stand to satisfy his fleeting desire; others aren’t good with what their wives give them or they are just too much polygamous and can’t live a day with out changing their sexual partners; and the rest just want to try out something new like group sex or anal sex. Unfortunately it’s impossible to name, describe and explain all possible reasons of it in terms of one article.
In writings of russian classic writers a prostitute has an imagine of a unhappy bruise girls whose clients are rich and cloy men who experienced a lot of things in their live and simply are looking for some new feelings. Of course, nowadays reality looks in a different way. Girls themselves are quite filthy and lustful and always that young. And as the clients they have a young men more and more often, sometimes they come to prostitutes even as for the first “date”. The reason of it is an exception of any other choice for a young man who got a great sexual desire that can’t be controlled. And at the meantime the girls of the same age doesn’t apply for sex with them being very shy yet. Moreover, sex with a prostitute is applicable for young men because of no responsibility afterward and also they don’t need to care much about their partner.

An Experiment

Prostitution in Russia is quite wild and uncontrolled thing. In Ukraine it’s forbidden too. But Kiev escort service girls and prostitutes has a higher moral than their russian colleagues and they also take care about their reputation and their clients. And on back of it they take care about their health.
One my friend has traveled a lot around the whole Europe. Wherever he stayed for a while he always was outcalling a girl and banging her. He did this in terms of an experiment which he carried out to figure out which European country has better girls. After finishing the experiments he declared that the best ones are Ukrainians. They aren’t just smart and possess a great natural beauty but also “clean” as much as their profession allows them to be.

Prostitution Eurostandarts

The attitude of European law about the prostitution is quite different. One countries have legalized the prostitution and bordellos on their territory, while the others have put the most ancient occupation beyond the law. Some countries have even applied a law which won’t allows you be a client of a prostitute. So, in such countries as Norway, Sweden and Iceland it’s forbidden to have sex with prostitutes, otherwise you will be unavoidably brought to justice.
And the first precedent of the prostitution legalization was Greece, where back then in 550 B.C. were opened first state bordellos. This was done for some good reason: the governance was agitating the young men to attend bordellos to decrease the amount of rape incidents or even kidnapping.

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