Sex With A Friend

As you know, a friendship between man and woman is an impossible thing because one of the sides is always interested in getting something more than just a friendship. So it can be certainly consolidated that any man was thinking about a brutal sex with a friend at least once. We can assure you that girls often feel in the same way about men. They just don’t say it out loud and doing their best to hide it. There’s not much girls who would like to make people think in a bad way about them, and that’s the reason why they are so shy about their true desires. So if you want some thing from your female friend and you almost sure that she wants the same – then you should initiative in your own hands and act.

Sounding out the situation

As I’ve already said your friend will never tell you that she wants to get laid with you. The maximum what you can expect for are some kind of low-observable allusions and imperceptible gestures or nuances in her behavior which are paint out her real attitude to you. That would be good to know what gestures and behavior are we talking about, isn’t it?
If the girl laughs at every joke you say, adjusting random elements of your look or fleetly touches you – then you can start bringing her to light. But you shouldn’t act like you want to condemn her in something shameful or unmoral. You should act very carefully and at the same time seductively trying to let her know that you want just the same thing. If you won’t act a hunter who is tracking his take then you will more likely flush her away and that try to have sex with a friend will turn out to be a failure.


Do the same what you do to seduce any other girl. Since she’s officially your friend you could invite her to your place under the pretence of watching any kind of new or good old comedy or playing some video games. It could be anything, it depends on how is your creativity. While drinking wine with her try to start some kind of heat talk while which you could try to reveal her real attitude about you. I bet you know what you should do in case of success.

Friendship isn’t hindrance to sex

Yes, it’s true, sex with a friend is possible and your friend isn’t really can be a hindrance to it. But there’s also the reverse side of the coin. After sex your friendship will more likely end. And after this there’re two ways of contour: your relationship either will go on a new level or will crash and she probably won’t even talk to you in future. The reason of it is in her mind. She’ll be thinking that she did something bad and inappropriate. Everyone knows that girls have a great skills of making up things easily. So if you will set the record straight then it won’t happen and if sex with your friend was great then it will have all chances to happen again in future.

Both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched!

If you set a high value on your friendship and totally understand that sex will more likely destroy it then you should think about alternative ways of satisfaction of your lust. Maybe you should try to find a girl and get to know with her so you could have sex with her without any menace for your friendship. Or maybe it might be reasonable thing to outcall a call lady. Nowadays Kiev escort service girls aren’t rare thing, and probably among of them you will be lucky to find someone who looks just like your friend. Anyway, I guess you won’t even remember about sex with your friend after getting a filthy deepthroat blow job from one of those escort service ladies.

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