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It’s very hard to find someone who wouldn’t love sex. It’s quite possible that such people don’t exist at all. There were no such people back then in times of the bonded USSR, there currently no such people in Islamic world as well as those people were nonsense in times of Romanian emperors, Greek heroes, Egyptian pharaohs and even in times of a cave human.
As we all know sex is being accompanied by two things – pleasant feeling and physical load. Besides, during or after sex a bunch of physiological processes are taking place and they have positive influence on the human’s organism.
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  • Сardiovascular system

    Since active and dynamical sex can be compared to a quite long run because it takes nearly the same physical efforts from you, the effect of such sex is just equal, and it’s scientifically proved. If you will take the satisfaction of your woman as a rule, then you might prevent such diseases of cardiovascular system as vegetative-vascular dystonia and others. Just as a physical exercises, good and active sex has the same effect about disease of supporting-motor apparatus.


    However sex is a very good painkiller in cases of headache or migraine. The thing is that during the sex a portion of endorphins is being generated in the organism and it blocks any painful feelings. So, if you, our dear ladies, got a headache, you should know that sex is what you need on such moments. But there are also such women who are too much obstinate and don’t want to take any help. That’s okay if you don’t want to, but you should understand that we still can have some use of Kiev escort service girls.

    Tonifying the muscles

    Moreover, sex has a positive influence on the muscles, tonifying the muscles of prelum. Also sex activates the work of stomach and positively affects its work.
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  • Positive ingluence of sex of woman’s organism

    As for the positive influence on the women’s health, there can be underlined such things like normalization of menstrual cycle with discharge oh certain hormones, and also prevention of any endocrine diseases. By no means unimportant fact is that the positive influence is preconditioned not only by a physical fact of sex, but it also has a psychological side. Such things as sexual appetence and foreplay are important here too.
    Sperms of any man contains a valuable minerals that harden dents. Moreover it has calcium and zink in it which both restore the enamel. Making a blow job to her deeply loved man at least twice a week, any woman can decrease the chances of caries creation nearly by a half.
    Along with everything mentioned above, sex treatment is effective against depression. In example, if you still did have a car sex, not might be a good moment to correct that awful loose.
    The list of positive aftermaths of sex might be continued even farther. And probably someone might think that sex treatment is nothing but a some kind of ephemeral thing. But just think about it – is there any chances for such pleasurable thing as sex to be something bad or harmful?

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