Sex Perversions: On the Edge of Normality

Nowadays sex is the thing people talk about everywhere: on the internet, on TV, in maganizes and in real life between each other. Because of such a big amount of information it is quite hard to filter the information. While reading an articles about all pros of anal sex you start thinking if it’s really so good or someone trying to impose you his own opinion.
It’s all about one’s individuality – what is good for one person, won’t give any pleasure to another one. If your pillow entertainments are all about the classic sex, then blow job or anal sex will be something unacceptable for you. But along with that, there are people who don’t take such things as some kind of perversion and consider it as a normal thing.

What is BDSM?

If to speak about real perversion, then it just can’t go on without mentioning about what BDSM is. Very often this kind of sexual hardcore is limited by a latex clothes, big rubber dildos and all kinds of gags or tying a partner. But sometimes everything that might be called BDSM goes much farther beyond the framework of normality. In example, partners sewing up vulvar lips or foreskin transplant the metal balls under the skin or make an intimate piercing. You should understand that any extraneous bodies might be taken by the organism negatively, and as a result of it there might start some kind of inflammation or suppuration. I’m sure you don’t want to lose the most precious thing you got, don’t you?

Extraneous bodies

Sex perversions is an elastic notion,and if to consider the amount of sexual preferences which are unique for every person, then it can be truly confirmed that the border between normality and perversion is quite unclear. Sometimes there appear people who arrive to the hospital with different items in their anus: plastic and glass bottles, metal and glass cans,.. well, there could be barely anything that you can imagine. Besides those people aren’t always representatives of a tender sex. Very often such sexual experiments end up with some kind of serious damage and taking such item off the ass might need a surgery. And it’s good if this can is occurs to be made of metal, because if that can would be made of glass, it could fail and its shatters definitely can be lethal for a human.

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