Sex On The Plane – Sky-Born Pleasure

Nowadays a lot of people give their preference to extreme sex over the usual bedroom. Many of them would like to try a sex on the plane. And some of them have already done what they have planned and can be reckon among those who were brave enough to do it.
At first sight you might think that sex on the plane doesn’t have any difference between sex in the bus or any other public transport. But in reality it’s more complicated. Because as against to the bus, on the plane you will be watched by the numerous stewardesses. The fact of the matter is that nowadays all airlines are watching the discipline on their planes. So, if you have decided to bang ur beauty in-flight, then aircrew is the first people whom you should get beware of. It’s on your behalf to be not caught while having sex. Because if you will, the least penalty that you might carry out is a mulct in sum of 2 or 3 thousand USD. In the worst case you will be deported back home and that airlines will add you to their blacklist.

A tight space

As you might have already thought, the most actual place where it’s possible to have sex on the plane is a water closet room. You can be sure – on the transatlantic flights aircrew is up to every move, so you should possess some knack and attention to make it possible get to WC you’re your girlfriend without getting caught or noticed. Speaking of mechanic of sex in such an unusual place, you should take into your account that water closet rooms on the plane are very small. If you understand that your bodily construction is quite big and you might not get into the toilet room together with your girl, than you should go to the gym to get rid off that excess weight. The other important thing is your clothes. You should avoid the tight clothes which can limit the freedom of your moves.

Problem №2

But aircrew isn’t you’re the only problem. Also you should remember that you are not alone on the airplane and there are the others passengers. And actually it would be no problem here if a lot of them wouldn’t be so afraid to fly. Because of that they drink a lot on the flights. And as a result, water closet room might be taken until the end of the flight.

The most relevant flights

If you are planning to bring your plan to life on the short flight inside of your country then you should definitely forget about it. You will have enough time for it only on long-way flights, otherwise you should forget about it. On the flight over Atlantic Ocean you will have at least two hours of time. On those two hours the lightning becomes subdued and the movement of the aircrew members ratchets down.
You might get another good opportunity which you will get during the lunch that you will miss. Since the moment of the appearance of the stewardess with a food truck you will have around 30 minutes of time to bang your woman in the water closet. But you shouldn’t expend the time to minimize the possible chances of getting in troubles. In the least case you can just go for the blow job.
Nowadays there’s a new type of prostitution that grows. It’s so called week-end escort service. Young Ukrainian girls are flying to the Europe where they work until Monday. There are a lot of girls from our capital. To get to the destination place, Kiev escort service girls usually use inexpensive flights. By the way, a lot of them will be glad to service you right in the plane on their way to work.

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