Sex Of The ancient Civilizations

Sex always has been an integral part of a human culture. Back then in times of a cavemen sexual life influenced on allocation of ranks in communes. Speaking of more later time, sex of the ancient civilizations always astonishes with its queerity, but also it always was quite similar to the sex we know today.

From plural marriage to Puritanism

In medieval Plural marriage was quite advanced thing in the Middle East. But the countries like Turkey wasn’t the only one of such kind. There also were the other countries whose emperor could have multiple wives.

Chinese emperors from Han dynasty (202 B.C. – 220 A.D.) had the right to get into their own usage pretty big number of women which is: one empress, three first rank wives, nine second-rank wives, 27 wives of the third rank and 81 brevet wives. Their amount should have been exactly like this, not less and not more, because those numbers were considered to have a magic meaning in the Chinese numerology.
In the days of Mongolian government during 1260-1368, China has changed in diametrically opposite direction and its society has become a puritan one. A hallmark of those changes has become “A List of All Merits and Bad Deeds”. An essence of this list is a charge of points for good or bad deeds addressed to women. According to this list men should respect women and minimize accidental physical contacts with her but at the same time he had to be strict and instructive with her.
It’s certainly hard to make any confirmations and generalizations. But according to overall picture we can see that sex of the ancient civilizations was more free like and inventive comparing to what we see in a modern society. Same goes to the prostitution. But even so, some of Kiev escort service girls can arrange you a show that ancient world couldn’t even dream about.
As for unusual ways of satisfaction, oral and anal sex had place to be even back the in the sex of the ancient civilizations. Speaking of group sex and mass orgies, those were a common thing in the ancient times.

First legal bordellos in Ancient Rome and Greece

Prostitution was closely related to the religious world at Ancient Babylon. Every woman had to had sex with a random man at least once in her life. She had to come to the temple and she had no right to go home until someone will throw to her knees a silver coin of any denomination saying “In the name of Melithe” and after this that man should have sex with her.
Of course there also were commercial bawdy-houses. In example there was Porneyon which was established by Solon in Anthems nearly in 570 B.C. Its mission was a simple satisfaction young men’s lust. Money which got this bordello were used to build a Temple of Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love and beauty.
A bit later, after Greek and Romanian has started to get the license, the government has started to control them. In the III A.D. there were about 45 bordellos in Rome. They were free to accommodate the clients nor earlier than 3 p.m., right after when the working day was ended. By that time Romanian bordellos gained some image and popularity. According to the ancient documents that have been found during the archeological excavations, we can confirm that in the beginning of the I A.D. there were about 32 thousand of prostitutes in Rome. In comparison, in 90’s years of XIX there were about 35 thousands of night fairies in New York.

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