Sex Museum – A History of Lust and Passion through Time and Space

Humanity have put sex into a very important place in their life. Back then in times of the cave humans, sex was a major factor in male ranking system. In ancient and antic times sex was an inherent part of some religious customs and mass orgies were a part of the great celebrations. Under renaissance and culture revolution in Europe people were even laying down the legends about the sexual adventures of their emperors and beautiful divas were plentiful source of inspiration for lots of great performer of the world culture history of those times.
Nowadays all sexual heritage of our ancestors is gathered and is held in sex museums. A lot of countries have such museums at their disposal. Showpiece from all over the world form very different collections that let any person see what does sexual culture of humanity looks like. The thematic scope of all showpieces differs from museum to museum.
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African giants

In such museum you can find different sculpture that will let you understand the stance of different nations to sex. In example, you can find statues with very big and sometimes even really gigantic dick in lots of all museums. Mostly such sculptures are related to African and Oceanian tribes.

Cooperation in the name of an idea

Among all existing sex museums I’d like to underline a very special one that stands in Las Vegas. The thing is that it was established by two men of very different professions: one of them is a priest and another one is a porn movies actor. They both wanted to create a museum that could possesses some kind of sexual education. Yes, that’s right, the entrance is free for people of all ages. Moreover, such free entrance pertains to lots of such museums all over the world. But still to see the showpieces in this or another museum u have to be a full aged person or be accompanied by adults.
Also in sex museums you can find such things like covers of all numbers of Playboy magazine. By the way, such collection exists in the above said sex museum in Las Vegas.
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Sexual heritage of Ancient India

Another often met thematic of showpieces in lots of such museums is an Indian sex culture. Everyone knows about India’s sexual heritage which is Kama-Sutra, book of love. It tells us about lots of sex positions. Showpieces of this theme demonstrate all depth and variety of Ancient Indian sexual culture.
Speaking of sexual heritage that India has left to us, it will be completely wrong to do not mention about tantric sex. This ancient Indian art of love is worth to be learnt and its popularity is so high that even Kiev escort service girls possess this art of sexual satisfaction at quite high level.

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