Sex In The Water

It’s a pretty common thing that in pursuit for something new in sex you are being driven away from the bedroom. Most likely the first place where you will find yourself is a shower unit in your flat. Considering the fact that it’s a damn hot summer outside, shower sex might be a great option and even some kind of rescue in conditions of a nasty heat. Cool water, passionate sex and hot sunny day – what can be better than this?
Opening the topic of sex in the water, it worth noting that such fun in the water isn’t limited by a shower unit. And of course, here, just like anywhere else, you’ll find pitfalls which we’ll help you to avoid so you could fully enjoy your sexy summer time.

Shower sex

“Green Peace” will be so much thankful to you if you and your girlfriend will take taking shower together as for the habit. Having sex in the shower you are saving yourselves from the heat, saving the world resources of fresh water and having sex itself. That’s full three rabbits in one shot! But if you’re going to bang your girl in the shower for like 3 hours in a row then I’m not sure if you’re saving water or outspend it… But who cares! Just have fun and that’s it. Don’t forget that water washes out natural lubricant and that may cause chafing. To prevent it take some additional lubricant with you.

Sex in the pool

That’s an excellent way to save from the same old heat. Besides, you can throw a party with cool drinks, call you friends. And of course, you should invite cheerful girls and hang out with them. If everything will work fine – turn the your party in a sex pool party. If you don’t know such girls who’d like such pool party then it’s still not a problem at all. Luckily for you Kiev escort service girls will gladly add even more bright colors to your hot summer party. By the way, have you ever had an underwater blow job?
If you don’t have a pool at your own disposal then you should try asking friends and agitate them for throwing such party. If that won’t work too, then you should probably forget about sex in the pool. And don’t even think about having sex in a public pool. Probably all those people won’t notice how you’re surging the waves around yourselves, but life-saver never sleeps and what you doing there in the corner definitely won’t come out of his sight.

Sex at the beach

So you went to the seaside on the holidays? Congratulations! There’s no better way to save from the summer heat than cool fresh sea. As for sex in the sea – honestly it’s not the best idea. The water washes out natural lubricant and on top of that it also contains hordes of unsleeping microbes which can turn out to be infectious agents. Besides, beach is a quite public place. Taking only bare essentials things, driving to the wild beach where there are no people in a dozen kilometers around you is a different matter. Put bedding under your girl’s back and go on banging her as long as you both want to. Just don’t forget to cool in the sea from time to time or the sun will get you down.

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