Sex In The Train – Chasing The Adrenaline Buzz

A lot of you have already started your own hit-parade of unusual and extreme places where you would like to have or already had sex. Along with a sex in the car, but or anywhere else, one of the most popular places is a most loved transport which transports people between the cities of one country and sometimes even further. And the name of it is train. But if you’re going to add the train to your list, you should take care of a few things that will make it possible for you. To succeed to should think of place, conspiracy and time.

A Place

A train car is big thing. But you should also take into account that there’re a lot of people in it, especially if it’s an economy class. So you should be delicate in picking up a place.
First variant – is a sleeping shelf. Just wait for the night time and go on for sex. You should better move to the second floor shelf and try not to make too much noise or to attract an unwanted attention. But if you have any doubts about you total weight then you probably should try out a shelf tiers since they are probably older than you or at least are of the same age. Just move down to the first floor shelf.
Second variant is a tambour. After the banishment of smoking in trains with the according law amount of people who, you could meet in this place has greatly decreased. But still you sometimes meet some people here who are going from on train car to another. Yet if you sure that you can do it fast then this variant is good for you.
Third variant is a toilet. If you don’t want to get trapped inside of it then you should remember that all toilets are being locked when the train is coming up to the station. So you have a not so pleasurable chance to get locked for the next 40 minutes or so. But seriously, who cares? Just have sex one more time. A good side of having sex at this place is a full confidentiality. You just get locked from the inside and nobody will come in if you won’t want. But there’s a bad side – it’s a toilet and it says it all.
If you want to make it 100% safe then you can just buy out the whole compartment, lock from the inside and bang all the time till you’ll come to the final destination station. Just don’t start before the conductor will check your tickets.

Traveling on your own

I can tell you from my own experience that sex in the train is possible even if you don’t have a girl with you. This story happened to me when I was on the way from Kiev to Odessa. I got acquainted with a girl who was sitting next to me and on the half way to Odessa she offered me to go with her to the tambour. She made a quite clear allusion on sex so I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass by. I knew that she’s more like a Kiev escort service girl who is going to Odessa to earn some money, and after a while my thoughts got the confirmation. But I was glad to pay her for such an incredible anal sex.

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