Sex In The Toilet – Night Bidding

The night was high. Ira and Vita very quite drunk and were grooving on the music in the middle of the dance-floor. Suddenly Vita have noticed that her friend and a random guy who was around her all the time, both have disappeared. “Giving a head to someone again. That’s already second for tonight…”
It was a normal thing for Ira. Together with Vita they both got some definite reputation and fame which were based on their special behavior. Girls themselves were Kiev escort service girls, but on the week-days they were visiting the night clubs of small towns not far from the capital. There they mostly were getting drunk and fucking with anyone who wanted it. No, they got enough of sex at work, that’s for sure. But work is work, while on such days they could really take a rest and relax. Guys here are completely different. They are not so complicated, they know what they want and are straight in their actions. They enjoy fucking with such men.
Ira dragged that random guy to the men room, right to the wash stand. When the door closed, his dick already was in her mouth. A guy was stunned by such initiativity. But after a few seconds he just seized her head and pulled his cock in the depth of her throat up the balls. After he felt how easy and smooth was that penetration, he just started to fuck her head. She was glad to meet such impudence. It even incited her, so she bumped up against his hips with her hands, and let him swings as wide as he wanted to. After a few minutes of such a deep and nasty blow job, he raised her up, turned around and roughly pulled his dick in her wet pussy. She eve screamed out a bit, but mostly because of pleasure, since a hard sex meant good sex for her.

At that time Vita and a random guy fell in the water closet room. She was glad to see her friend here too. A guy sit Vita on the wash stand, spread her legs and figure out that she doesn’t even have panties on. They both always lose them somewhere during such parties, so buying an expensive body cloth and losing it all the time was just useless waste of money.
Screaming and fucking back to their fuckers, girls were holding by the hand and empathizing each other. Suddenly another guy fell in the toilet room. That was a friend of the one who was skewering Ira. “Woah, Vova, what an amazing bang house u got there!” Vova told his friend how he has pulled a bird right on the dance-floor. He presented his friend to Ira without stoping fucking her, and barely after they both said “Nice to meet you”, she already had Max’s dick in her mouth. A bit after Max and Vova switched their positions, so Vova pulled his cock in her throat and cumed right in her mouth at that very moment.
Vova started to smoke and stayed for a while to talk with a friend who was banging Ira at that moment. “Listen, I got an idea, – he said to Max – we got two perfect sluts in here whoare very glad to get fucked”. With those words he took a look at Vita, who showed him his agreement about his words. “Girls, what do u think about a contest for the right to be called a best whore of our nightclub? We will organize an auction for your pussies. The one who will make the biggest bid will fuck you in the way he wants to. In the end, the one of who’ll get more money will be the winner. So, what do you think of it? Let’s make a contest for the best pussy of our nightclub?”
Girls liked Vova’s idea. Earning some money simply for having sex in the toilet with multiple men was such a joyful fun for them.

And the bidding has been started. They have been going pretty fast. At the first round Vita’s ass gone for 600 UAH, while for Ira’s ass someone has paid 750 UAH. After this bidding were going on, with every round the bids were slowly going down. Girls couldn’t notice how many men there were around, they just felt a lot of dicks around who were fucking them in all their holes. At the fifth round of bidding there was a group sex which brought to Vita 900 UAH, and 850 UAH to Ira.
All this action was going on for like two hours. By that time girls already barely could stand on their legs, their makeup flowed, and their clothes had specific white spots. They both could hardly guess how much time has passed since the moment when they got into that room. Guys calculated all the money: Ira has scored 9 750 UAH and Vita gained 9 300 UAH. Ira had a little advantage and was proclaimed as the best whore of that night club. Guys honestly gave to girls a half of all earned money, and the rest Vova and Max took by themselves as the payment for finding the clients. They called the taxi for girls and helped them to get outside of the club.
Ira and Vita were tired and feeling strange after so many men fucked them, but at the same time they were happy because of that. A taxi cab was rushing them to the capital. They didn’t know how many exactly banged them there, but they could say for sure that they have never had so many orgasms before. This night will be remembered by them for a long time with some kind of pleasurable thrills going through their bodies, because such sex in the toilet of the night club they have never had.

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