Sex In The Office

Nowadays people are trying to climb up the carrier ladder as fast as they can. And that’s the reason why there’s completely nothing unusual that people work about 12 hours a day. It’s all very simple – if you want a better life, then you should be ready to sacrifice your own free time and things you could do using it. But as everyone knows that besides a wish of a better life all people also have another one very important desire which is hard to fight with or sometimes even impossible.
When you spend 10-12 hours a day at work you will sacrifice your own business in a favor of sleep or any relaxations. And such energy worthy thing like sex will drop out of your live completely. But as everyone knows, human is an inventive creature. And speaking of sex – it’s spontaneous and probably the most passionate thing in the world. That’s why a lot of people are looking up to having sex in the office.
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Why Not?

The amount of opinions about sex in the office is no lesser than about the anal sex.  If to look up for statistics you will find out that office intimate is definitely not a rare thing to happen and it’s not even so punishable as one might guess. Moreover – some of employers are encourage flirt and even sex at the work place between the co-workers. To their opinion sex at the work place improves the relationships between the work mates and helps to establish communications between them. Such things are being encouraged by the presidents of such companies like Pixar and South West Airlines.
And that is how it really works. It’s easier and more pleasant to work in an atmosphere of a gentle dalliance and uncovered sympathy to each other. But you will surely find some minuses in here. First, people mostly prefer to keep the people whom they work with at work, while such frivolity leads to familiarity between people. For a lot of people find such things unacceptable. Furthermore, every office is furnished with cameras. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small office of a little company or a huge multistory building – it does have cameras in it. But if it will happen so the camera will catch an eye on you, you shouldn’t be worry a lot since that video won’t go out of a security room. Well, unless someone of the security guards will decide to upload it on Youtube.

Unusual Desires

Sometimes your it happens so that your boss is a high-minded man and won’t flirt his sexy secretary because he knows that such things might complicate the corporative relationships. But sometimes it happens that you are dying for sex. Kiev escort girls, who are listed in our catalogue, will gladly help you to relax right in your office room in the middle of the working day. After that you will be able to go back to work with a high spirits. Our elite escort girls are experts of outfit changes. They can easily change their look according to the place where they are going to go so any of our girl will just like a business partner who arrived for business meeting or a competitioner who’s looking for a new job.
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How And Where?

The most loved place for a sex in the office is an office table. Because of its perfect height you might guess that it was created just for sex. And if you will ever have an opportunity to have sex at the conference room – don’t hesitate about it. You should consider it as a great luck: first, it’s much more wider, and secondly – there’s no anything that could fall down from the table and create undesirable noise.
You shouldn’t have sex on the floor. Most likely that you will end up having your knees and back scratched. Of course, you might use some kind of lining under your back, like fur coat or something silky. But I wouldn’t recommend doing it since those clothes are quite expensive.
A spinning chair is second most wanted piece of furniture for sex in the office. The place is quite interesting, original and atmospheric, but it’s very important to take into account one of its attributes. A lot of office chairs can carry a load of only 70 kilograms, so you should forget about those chairs once and for all if you don’t want to hurt yourself or your partner. But if you will go to your boss’s cabinet you will find there a good solid spinning chair which can carry a load of 120 or even 250 kilograms.
And don’t forget about the condoms. Also you should furnish yourself as much confidence as you can so you could keep your persona safe in front of possible cameras. That will help you to avoid to be spoiled on youtube as a porn star.

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