Sex In The Kitchen

In pursuit of new adrenaline buzz people pass themselves into the hands of passion in very strange and unusual places. They are fucking in the forest, flying on the airplane across the Atlantic Ocean, having sex in the bus while going to another city. Some of them even having sex underwater! But it’s pointless to complicate one’s life so much. The thing is that you can find some places unexplored places applicable for sex at your own home. In example, a lot of pairs had sex in the kitchen, but still not everyone.
It’s needless to say there are some pairs who possess good cooking skills and enjoying cooking together. They definitely tried out sex in the kitchen. And more likely it happened suddenly.
секс на кухне (3)

You don’t have any cooking skills? That’s not a problem at all!

But if you’re a man who don’t have any cooking skills and shag back of the kitchen work in every way letting your woman do it all on her own then you should be upset as well as you don’t need to start practicing in cooking. As soon as you girl will notice you on the threshold of the kitchen she’ll be glad. And then it has a little left to do: ask her if she needs any help, chat a bit, help her to get that pot from a higher shelf, hand her a tin with seasonings… After you’ll become a part of a cooking process you can start acting. In a minute your girl will become as hot as that potato that is being baked in the oven. And as it’s being baked for quite long period of time, you have at least 20 minutes to transform your kitchen into a sexdrom.
Most likely you will start fucking on the table. Flour on her ass will have a great look after you’ll take your woman off the table and put her in a doggy style pose. Slap her ass and imagine how you are beating dough so the flour flies around and above.

True Story

If you don’t have anyone whom you could roast up imagining yourself as a chef – don’t worry, that’s not a problem at all.
A friend of mine from Kiev once has told me a story which happened with him some time before. He hasn’t possessed any cooking skills and also wasn’t married. So there was no any opportunity to let someone to cook him a good dinner. And he also got tired of all possible fast foods. But luckily he was a very inventing man so he found an awesome and quite creative way out of that situation. Using Google he has found a catalogue with Kiev escort girls. At the section with new escort girls, picked up a girl and outcalled her to his place. After the girl has arrived she was quite surprised to hear “cook me a meal” instead of “dress off”. So, my friend made her cook him a good dinner. While she was cooking they chatted, got to know each other a bit better and after dinner that young lady gave him a head as a dessert. Later he told me that he barely can remember a girl who sucked his dick with such a passion.

Watch out of the borshch!

It worth noting that kitchen is not the place where you supposed to have sex. So one should obey an additional secure. Firstly, you should take away all forks, knives and other dangerous stuff. Secondly – you should exclude the probability of a boiling borshch being spilled on you. And wherever you’d be caught by passion – don’t resist it, or you won’t be able to remember a single story when you will be old enough!

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