Sex in the Elevators – Multistorey Pleasure

It often happens that irresistible desire catches you up suddenly so you just can’t reach the bed. No, of course you can call the taxi or use your own car to reach the nearest hotel and rent a room there. But till the time when you will get on the cab, reach your room in the hotel, it’s more likely that your passionate desire will disappear. That’s why you more likely will start to brokenly think about the place, where you could just avoid the unwanted attention.

One of the places that are good for such purpose is an elevator. But before you will choose the elevator as a place where you’d like to have a fast sex, it would be good to take into account a few things that will help you to avoid troubles in future.

Between fifth and sixth floors

First of all notice the amount of floors in the building. The higher amount of floors – the higher a chance that in the most inappropriate moment the elevator will start moving and after a few seconds you and your girlfriend both will appear in front of a random person in not the best of you appearance. Also the time of the day plays a very important role. If it’s time when people actively come back from work – then elevator might be not the best possible option for a fast sex.

Big Brother is watching you

If the passion took control over you at the office building, and having sex in the office is not the option, then you will probably go to the elevator. But you should remember that almost all elevators in such a big buildings. Usually it’s placed above the entrance door. So if you don’t want suddenly become a youtube star because of a kind will of security you should seal the eye of the hidden camera with a bubble gum or something else. But the opportunity to become a youtube star Is the least trouble comparing to what you might also get. The thing is that some companies are watch hard over the discipline among of their employees, so basically you could be easily fired.
In case if you fell on the back of Kiev escort service girls, then sex in the elevators will help you to get a lot of emotions and feelings and also to save a bit of money – I don’t think you will bang her in the elevator for the whole hour. Well, at least you can get a blow job.

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