Sex In The Car

Being invented relatively recently by means of history of entire humanity a car has stopped to be just a means of transport barely from the start of its existence. Originally it served to a human as transport vehicle. After a time it has became an article of luxury. A bit later after that it has become s status feature in society. After a few years more a car has been exploited as a trusty beast. After not much time a car has got another one destination which it carries out up to now. Somewhere in 50-60’s years a car has become a place where you could have sex aside from your house or flat.

A retrospective journey into a history

It’s not a secret that a lot of girls have a sex fantasy of having sex in the car. Interior of the cars that were produced during the 50’s by American carmakers resembled a big sofa on the wheels and wholly prepossessed to sex. And that was the time when car got its unusual destination. In 60’s cars haven’t become any smaller and along with the sexual revolution car has confirmed its position of another place where you could have sex. Besides a lot of radio stations had songs in their rotation that has become kind of romantic anthems of those times and, as a result, a perfect sex music.
Nowadays car is being used as a place for sex probably even more often than in the past time. There’s a bunch of reasons why people having sex in the car instead of hotels or their own houses. Someone might get caught by a passion right at the car. And since the home or nearest hotel is quite far away the car becomes a right place for sex. The others use the escort service. By the way, a lot of Kiev escort service girls are ready to turn a trick right at your car. For such girls time is the money. So spending the time on the way to the hotel and then back has no any use for them. Also there are such kind of people who likes to fuck only in the car. There’s even a special school in Europe, where you can be taught all basic sex positions applicable for sex in the car. That’s some kind of Kamasutra for car fucking.

A car acrobatic

As for sex positions applicable for sex in the car, there’s nothing hard in it. Probably any person will know from intimate impulse about what and where and how should be turned and rolled. But still we find it necessary to specify it.
Sex Position #1
Move the forward seat back as far as it will go, lower its back, place a girl on that seat, settle yourself above her and move to the action. Generally it’s quite good and comfortable position. But there’re a few nuances which you should take into account. Firstly, the seat’s back should be lowered down at maximum, because if it’s not lowered enough it might get broken because of excessive load. Secondly, you might graze your left knee. But this problem should be considered not as a problem of that very sex position, but the sex in the car at all. The thing is that there’re not much bearings at the car’s interior which are needed greatly for any man during the sex. Nevertheless, if you’re not a dough-face boy and desire to fuck something hard is dominating any other feelings and instincts then such a little problem won’t stop you for sure.
Sex Position #2
This position looks like a well-known doggy style. A girl should set herself in the middle of the back seat with her ass being faced to the windscreen. And your mission is to thrust in between the front seats so you could reach her shiny ass. The comfort level of this sex position directly depends on the size of the car in which you are going to bang her. The bigger the car – the more comfort you and girlfriend will get. In example, Cadillac Escalade might be a perfect car for such purposes.
Sex Position #3
If the back of the back seat in your car can be lowered a bit then you might like this sex position. Especially if your girl likes to be on top of you riding your cock. And from all said above it’s not hard to guess how it works. Just lower the back of your back seat and let your girl ride you. After that everything goes on just as on the sofa.

The size does matters

When it comes to sex in the car, the size of your card might become determinative thing in selection of the sex position that you’re going to use. Let’s say if you seriously thinking about banging a girl on the back seat of your Mini, then you’re probably either an acrobatic world champion (so is your girlfriend) or just have a very fertile imagination. Saying it in a few words, such experiment surely won’t end up with someone’s orgasm or at least with no dislocated limbs. In case if you’re a happy owner of a big car – then all the roads about sex in the cards are free to go for you. Such cars as mentioned above Cadillac Escalade or any other quite big car are fit perfectly for such purpose. Another type of car which is good for sex is minivan. Differential characteristic of these cars is back seats that can be extended. After being extended it turns into a quite wide bed applicable to any sex position of a usual kamasutra. You can even try out a sixty-nine sex position or group sex.
Just don’t forget about condoms and try not to attract people’s attention to your car. In example turning on hazard warning lights or absence of privacy glass on your car more likely won’t add any confidentiality to what you do inside of your car.

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