Sex In The Bus

Nearly 30 years ago sex was abandoned topic. The only place where ones had it was matrimonial bedroom. Of course there were some exceptions by means of people who were not stickled to one sexual partner, but that was quite rare thing to meet. But today everything is different: a sex topic is one of the most discussed ones while a lot people having sex in all possible places.
Today’s people, especially young ones, are trying to stand out among all others, and be not like any of their counterparts. In chase for adrenaline buzz and adventures they often find themselves in very unusual places. A lot of young couples or just extreme sex lovers can brag with a quite big list of unusual and even extreme places where they have had sex. In its bead-roll you will find such things like sex in the office, in the kitchen, in the airplane, at the wild nature and even underwater. Along with that many people have already had sex in the bus, and that’s what we’ll talk about.

Traveling by bus isn’t so bad

It’s a common thing when in summer one can’t get to Crimea from Kiev by train because all tickets are sold or booked for the nearest few weeks. But luckily for you there’re also other kinds of transport. If you somehow don’t have your own car you can look for transport operator who has comfortable buses at their command. Any transport operator will be glad to help you to get anywhere you need.
If you and your girl aren’t going to die because of boredom while you’ll be on the way – then you got into the right place. Modern buses are very comfortable. Many of them are fitted out with sleeping accommodations, so if you’ve decided to have sex in the bus – a bus of such type will fit perfect. The main thing is to be quiet since passengers and driver more likely won’t be too glad to know that someone is fucking right before their face.
It might happen that you will get onto the old bus which is not as comfortable as new ones. But you shouldn’t be upset because of this, you just need it to take into account a couple of things about some safety and comfort precautions. And so your list of unusual places where you have had sex will become one bigger.

Making yourself comfortable

First of all it worth noting that sex in the bus will happen only if you’re going to have a long ride. Don’t even try to do something like that on the suburban itinerary, forget about it. But if you are on the way from Kiev to Crimea then you will have enough time. All passengers usually sleep at night so it’s definitely the best time for sex in the bus. But it won’t be odd to make sure you’re the only ones passengers awake in the bus. If you took any bedspread of something like that – use it. Covering yourself might save you from unwanted glances. And I think it’s pointless to explain you what to do next. Any horizontal position will work. If you got seating instead of sleeping accommodations then you’ll have a bit more troubles securing the action. A girl can ride you, no matter she will be faced to you or you’ll look at her back. In this position your priority number one is to make as little noise as it’s possible, because in such position you aren’t that much stealthy as if you were laying down. But if such heroic feats aren’t for you then you just ask your girl for a blow job.
Bus is also a pretty good place to get to know with a random girl and have a fast sex with her later while you both are on the way. Such thing happened twice to me. At first, I got to know with a girl and a bit later after the night has fallen we had sex. For the second time the story was pretty much the same, except one little thing: later I’ve found personal data of a girl whom i had sex with in a catalogue with Kiev escort girls. After that night I even asked her for a number. Now I live in Kiev and I often have dates with her.
Such kind of sex can be surely named as a fast sex. And there are not many girls who will agree to have sex with no condoms with a man whom she knows like a few hours. So don’t forget to use condoms – they are your protection and at the same time they can rise your chances to get laid with a random girl.

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