Sex In Prison

Everyone knows that sex in prison is a possible thing. And I guess it’s the only place in which sex doesn’t give any good associations. A lot of people think that in the places of deprivation of freedom is only homosexual sex is possible between 2 men or even 2 women. Imprisoned women practice homosexual sex too and the most often used position for this is “scissors sisters” sex position.
Of course it’s pointless to deny that homosexual sex in prison exist as a desperate thing. But there’s quite a bit of it in there and it’s very seldom. There’re not so many prisoners who would dare to bash about their comrades because of the fear to be punished. As a punishment they might get into the lockup for a random period of time or guards will just apply a brutal force to you to teach you a lesson.

Modern Priesons

In actual fact, modern prisons are quite civilized, so sex in prison shouldn’t be associated with something bed. It’s not a problem at all if wife, girlfriend or just a sex-mate of a man who is currently in prison wants to make him a visit. There are a building on the territory of most of the modern prisons which contains facilities similar to the hotel rooms. Those rooms are being guarded by the prison guards. If the prisoner has no black records about his behavior then you can freely arrange such date with the prison administration and set it up in one those rooms. That’s means that classic sex in prison is even more possible then a homosexual one.
Every room is fitted with a toilet, a bathroom, a kitchen and a room itself. Depending on prisoner behavior and your own desire such date can go on for a 2-3 hours or even up to a couple of days. Prison security will be guarding the room 24/7 so even being all that time in a more convenient place than a jail cell prisoner is still being guarded.

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Bad boys have no sex

If prisoner had any problems with his behavior then such date might be not allowed by the prison administration. More likely that the imprisoned person whom you want to visit will have to spend some time restoring his reputation of a good guy and earning the administration’s trust. Of course you can try to arrange with the prison headmaster about that date and try to pay a little “bonus” to make this date happen. But if his behavior was really bad then it more likely won’t help.

Helping your friend

If it happened that your friend is now jailed and you wholly understand how hard is his sexual life at the moment and what a great lack of women caresses he is living through, but unfortunately he don’t have neither wife nor a girlfriend or someone else, then you still a way to help him! Kiev escort service girls are those ones whom you need. They know how to satisfy the filthy lust of the most “hungry” men and gladly will help your friend to steam out and to abstract himself from the dark prison days. Moreover, perspective of a brutal sex with a man who is hungry for sex only turns them on.

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