Sex in Army – Myth or Reality?

Upon reaching a full age, young people are going to army to learn the basics of soldiery to be ready to defend their country in case of warfare. They are expected to go through a lot of different try outs, show firmness and moderation. But those try outs are not only about the soldiery and their duty to the country.

Standing customers

As you can know, there are no women on the territory of military department, and the military discipline forbids their presence on its territory. But human is quite inventive creature, especially if he is motivated. Of course, soldiers can get a right to make a visit to home for a good behavior. Probably his “the only one” is waiting for him there. But not everyone are awaited by a girl at their homes. That’s why Kiev escort service girls usually have dates with young soldiers from all military departments from all over the Kiev region.

And still, not every soldier can insinuate themselves into the higher rank officers’ confidence and regularly get the permeation to visit their home. Besides, the amount of people who can have a week-end is limited. What should they do in such situation?

Special ops

Our people always show their headpiece, quickness and invention. And of course our brave defenders actively use all those attributes mentioned above in questions of sex in army. They do their best taking the prostitutes on the territory of the military department. Mostly they take them in on the cars which are used for foodstuffs delivery. Of course, officership doesn’t know nothing about it. Every such delivery looks like a special op which involves a lot of people who are responsible for the conspiracy, including soldiers on duty at the checkpoint and those who are on duty at squadron. After like 2 or 3 days prostitutes are being taken away from military department in the way they’ve been taken in.

Blow job queen

Army sex differs a lot from what the civil people consider under the word “sex”. The service and rise of young men’s morale flows in groups of 3-5 people at once. Sometimes it happens so there’s no safe opportunity to take girls onto the territory of the military department because of discipline excessive control by the higher rank soldiers. And finally this day comes and the girls are coming to the soldiers. After long breaks between their arrivals soldiers even organize a special contests between the arrived girls. It looks in the next way: the whole squadron enrank and two prostitutes start to move from the both sides of the line toward each other. On their way they do a blow job to each soldier one by one. When all soldiers will be served, points tally will start – a girl who made to cum the most of soldiers wins the contest. That’s how the army departments of our country make the contests to reveal the queen of the blow job. Such competitions go on quite fast because sometimes the constrained sex abstinences can continue up to two or three months and sometimes even longer.
So, contrary to the opinion of the most people that there’s no sex in army, we can surely confirm that there is sex in army, and it’s true!

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