Sex fiction

Everybody knows that reading literature contributes to personal growth, though the contents of each work may very drastically. But have you ever thought why are some people so interested in reading exceptionally books about sex and why do they not pay the same attention to other literary fruits. Sure!, the one would call those erotic fiction lovers just a perverts, but getting a little deeper into the subject the one may  find out some deep and unexpectedly curious reasons of such passion.


First reason – personal interest

Though it may sound strange but some part of readers simply satisfy their interest in the subject of sex by reading books about sex.  For this group of people the coitus itself represents an extremely interesting act, full of it’s subtle moments. They just  want to be aware and good at all possible questions that may appear during the act, so they dedicate most of the time to reading of the erotic literature they find appropriate and helpful.

In most cases representatives of the male have such angle of the interest, although women sometimes also do.


Second reason – perverted inclination

So it’s happened, among intellectuals there are enough perverts who spend their spare time reading sexy literature. They will certainly try to hide their extraordinary inclinations, but in the same time they don’t lose a chance to leaf through the book of  sex stories or experiments in the field.  The skills and experience the author have is what attracts such readers of sex literature. The information they obtain is used just for personal-development, though the personal growth have nothing to do with the progress in this field of sex.

The real perverts are calm and peaceful among their friends or relatives, the only way to expose their peculiarities is to look at the bed-side table and check what’s on it.


Third reason – education

As the practice shows, most of sex fiction fans read it with intension to get to know more about the subject from the primary source and direct participants – the writers, from the pages which carry the real sexual experience. Actually, there’s nothing shameful in such behavior, furthermore one may find a lot about a common blow job, not to mention other details and discoveries in carnal fun.

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