Sex During the Pregnancy – Is It Really So Dangerous?

Sooner or later in life of any couple happens the moment when they are waiting for a child to be born. All their sexual adventures like sex in the elevator, at work, car sex and all others are now in the past. And probably every couple gets the question if the sex during the pregnancy is possible. The appearance of that question is totally reasonable. Many things in the female organism change after she gets pregnant. And all those changes are not only about her physical state, but also mental.

As the doctors say…

From the medical point of view, you can’t have sex during the pregnancy only if one of the partners got any disease that could harm a baby’s health. Mostly those are such as female health problems that can complicate the flow of pregnancy. Regular visits of your gynecologist and maternity welfare center will help you to reveal such problems beforehand. Speaking of men, is all simple here. If you have any STD or diseases of the genitourinary system then you should refrain from having sex.

Excessive carefulness

Another widely met mistaken opinion that makes you be afraid of sex during the pregnancy is caused by man’s fear to harm the child somehow. By the way, women are very careful about sex during such a specific period of their life because of the same reason. But in fact, all reasons of such fears are senseless and shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t have sex during the pregnancy. The thing is that mother’s womb is sealed from any danger from outside.

How about the orgasm?

Some women are worried if they will get the orgasm during the sex on that period. Since the fact of having an orgasm is at least impossible to them, they make a decision to deprive of sex their partners and themselves for the next nine months. For real, some women can get even more pleasure of sex during pregnancy comparing to the normal sex. But at the same time, some women might feel discomfort or even have painful feelings.

Particular properties of the third trimester

As for the men, their sexual desire and attraction to their darling will lower only on the third trimester. There are a few reasons for this. One of them feel the upcoming moment of the child’s born and understand that soon all hardness of the fatherhood will fall on their shoulders. Others take into account that the woman’s belly isn’t that small as it was during the first and second trimester and because of that some of them really afraid to harm a child. Alternative to sex in that period might be a blow job, because it is completely safe for the mother’s and child’s health.
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