Sex and Striptease as One Unit

Some girls saying that men are some kind sluggish and not that much active in bed and pretty often they can’t satisfy women’s desire. And of course, to their mind the reason of such thing is insufficient manliness of men. i hasten to regret the ladies that unfortunately it isn’t always right. Because it is always right to start looking for a possible reasons from yourself, isn’t it?
A lot of girls seducing the man don’t even think that they could do something wrong and that’s why he haven’t brought his deal to its end. If the girl will simply wave with her panties in front of man’s face, just like a matador waves with a red rag to provoke the bull, then it’s clear that barely any man will get on the bit of such straight manipulations which are clear as day. But at best it will be a man who just hungry about sex – and there’s such an opportunity! Generally he will think only about himself while the girl will be back with square one.

First of all you should understand what do you do

To prevent such disappointments, girls should under the men’s psychology and how they think at least basically. If you are looking good and straightly saying to a man how much bad you want sex, it doesn’t guaranty you that he will bang you so good and so hard that you will chase him with a futon all the time. But it’s clear that if you’ll use this tactic at some kind of unusual place, offering him sex in the office or in back of his car, that might sharpen feelings. But even that isn’t enough.
But what should you do then? It’s all simple. You have to awake a real desire in depth of a man’s mind by showing yourself from the best side. Big breasts and prefect shaped body is just a half the battle and can be considered only as a good bonus. You may be quite far from what a beautiful woman is called like, but if you perfectly control your body and know how to use it a seduction instrument – then job is almost done. Remember, sexual drive awakes two things in men’s mind, those are imagination and reading the language of the body.

About the importance of the proper atmosphere

But just undressing in some kind of fascinating way isn’t the whole job. A woman have to whet a desire inside of the man, make him crazy over her body. To make it she should take care about a few things. Firstly – a properly created atmosphere. Good, relaxing music, subdued lightning, light alcohol and aromatic sticks or candles – those all are very important elements in creation of a right atmosphere. Properly using all those instruments, any girl will be able to fire up a desire inside of any man. It is very important to understand that properly performed sex striptease in a right atmosphere is the most powerful instrument of seduction and also can bring a great sexual excitement to any man.
But unfortunately not all girls understand that sex and striptease – are two indissoluble parts of one unit. If you want to experience on your own unparalleled excitement from striptease, then Kiev escort service girls will gladly help you to feel all the depth of voluptuous desire of watching the skillful striptease. And after that you are awaited with the hottest and sex you’ve ever had.

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