Sex After Massage

Every man knows that every girl needs a bit of time to turn on. That’s an indisputable fact. But unfortunately not every man knows that foreplay consists not only of kisses and hugs. Relaxing massage can also be a good addition or ever main part of a good foreplay. Every girl has a lot of sensitive zones spread all over the body. Every zone has different sense level. Some girls like when you touch their neck or nipples, others prefer being stroked on the back. Some men can make a girl cum just with a help of erotic massage which is done in a proper way. All you need is to feel her body.

Start with the heat up

A session of a good erotic massage should be started with a heat up of the “patient”. Rub your hands first and then do the same with a back of the girl. Believe me, you don’t have to have any special skills. Simple strokes pretty soon will get your partner ready for the effective actions.

Technically for the basic touches you could use simple massage oil. But that isn’t necessary since desire to give the pleasure to your partner has more value than your professional techniques. That means you could improvise freely. But don’t forget to watch the girl’s reaction and do not go overboard. Sometimes it might happen you will hear girl moaning as you will touch one of her sensitive zones. That means you’re on the right way but you shouldn’t stop. That’s just a beginning and farther will be better.

Keep on searching

Keep on massaging her back switching to her shoulders and loin. These places are mostly very sensitive. After 10 minutes of such strokes you’ll find all her “weak spots”. But the end still has a long way to go.
Now, when you possess such a valuable information about her body, you can start the real action. You can control the level of sexcitement of your girl in the ordinary sense of the word. Soon you will notice pretty ambiguous reaction to your actions. Girl will start to squeeze the pillow or grasp the blanket. You will surely notice such things even in the dark with no light in the room.

Involve the Kisses

After you will find all main sensual zones of her you can add up gentle kisses to your massage. Do everything slowly and with a bit of surprise to her. The girl will be glad to such a reverent treatment.

Logical End

You’ll easily note the moment when you can pass from relaxing massage into intimate one. It might happen so the girl will lash out on you and passionately undress you. What comes after that? Probably the nastiest sex you’ve ever had. That’s a normal reaction if you’ll do the massage in a proper way. Your girl will surely cum not even once after such a long and sensitive foreplay.

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