Regular Sex And How Much Of It Do People Need?

How much sex does any person need to feel good?  On one hand, the regularity of sex for each person is quite personal thing. But on the other hand, using statistics, it’s easy to evaluate the amount of ideal amount of sex for anyone.

What Do The Ancient Information Sources Say?

It emerged, that even ancient people were worried about the amount of sex they should have to feel happy. Some people were sure that having sex at least twice a week is enough. And it was fair to the simple working people. But as for the brainy scientists, they had to limit the amount of sex by having it only once per week. Another legend says that sex should happen not oftener than once per 9 days.

Modern Opinion

Not so long ago society has lived through the sexual revolution which has changed people’s attitude to sex completely. Nowadays every person normalizes his own sexual ration on the basis of his own preferences. One can’t live a day without sex while the other simply can’t or don’t want to dedicate to sex so much time. Everything depends on a bunch of attributes such as one’s profession, kind of his interests, level of his attractiveness and amount of money he dispose.
Constant couples who have relationships always can find some time for sex and, as a result, constant couples have regular sex. In the same time, a businessman, who can’t afford himself spending time for any constant relationship with a woman, can do not bother about such things anymore. He can just fall back on escort service. Escort service in Kiev isn’t a rare thing. And it’s quite popular since it’s one of the easiest ways to get into the bed with a beautiful and elegant lady.

Science-based Opinion

Whatever does people say, scientists are trying to prove that humans’ need for sex is stated quite logically. They claim that the more wise and clever the man is the lower his need for sex will be. Upon the head count among the employees of different educational institutions it was set that an average  scientist have sex 52 times per year.

As for women who go in for science, they don’t have much sex too. That is caused by setting a numerous requirements to their sexual partner. They easily forget about main thing: any man will lost all the interest to a woman who spends too much time on taking the courtship and trying to make sure that potential sexual partner is in the sight of her interest. So basically, such women move away themselves from sex in such way and don’t even understand that.
Brainiacs from different universities also included the age of men and women as an attribute of appetency. And in the end it turned out that men who are older than 35 aren’t interested in sex as much as women of such age. Female libido reaches the maximum level till its owner will turn 38 and only then women’s appetency goes down.

A Personal Choice

Of course, statistics can give you detailed information. But to believe it or not – it’s all up to you. You can either follow the public opinion and keep on living your own live without any worries or you can break social and scientific stereotypes with your own opinion. And to break it first thing you need to do is to decide how much sex will be really enough for you to feel happy and satisfied.

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