Refreshing the sex – how to wipe out the routine?

A formation of routine in a sexual life of any couple is a common thing. The sex you have might be possibly the best one in the world. But sooner or later you will get bored of it and you will want badly to vary it.

A routine

The reason of the routine formation is very simple. The only thing that calls up that sadness is the sameliness. If you were living on the uninhabited island eating bananas as for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper, then probably you might be happy to get a fried juicy steak. But if after that you’d start to eat steaks just you were eating bananas before, in the end you’d end up hating the meat and would return to bananas.
Same thing goes to sex: if your girlfriend has a model look and banging you just like a goddess – it’s totally awesome and you got to be lucky man. But if she rides your cock with her pussy all the time using only one sex position – then such sex is useless and you’ll get bored of it quite fast.

Don’t be like pensioners – live the full life!

Luckily, the solution of this problem is as easy as the reason of its existence. To get out of this sex routine you just need to do no be afraid of sexperiments. Don’t be so much conservative! Stagnation of mind, obsession and conservatism cause bad effect on any human decreasing his creative and working abilities. All in all, we aren’t pensioners to stand at one place with no progress.

The main thing is about starting doing it

What to start with? Anything will do! Just free your creativity and show some initiative – if your partner share your point of view about the sexual relationships between you two, then you will see the same in back. If you still shy – try to talk to her before banging. Discuss sex positions with her and try to figure out if there any of those that she’d like to try out. Who knows, maybe she wants to try a car sex or sex on the beach, but just a bit shy to tell you about that. Or maybe she is up to a real extreme sex!
In case if a girl isn’t really much up for anything new in sex, she should know that she’s taking a risk of losing her man. Because if man doesn’t get what he wants, he just starts to look for a woman what will give him what he wants. Usually such girl occurs to be a Kiev escort service girl.

Combined variety

If sex in free fall with a parachute on your back doesn’t turn you on then maybe you should to vary things that you already have. If because of some unbelievable reasonyou got bored of a deep throat blow job that is regularly done by your girlfriend to you, then maybe you should to bring something new into it? Ask you girl to learn the methodics of Thai blow job. If such a blow job will start with a relaxing massage, then her caresses will send you right up in space.
Experiment, be more free, and also don’t be afraid bring something new in sex. That’s how the -formula of happiness looks like.

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