Really Extreme Sex

Nearly 30 years ago, when we were living in USSR, there was no sex at all on default. People considered sex just as a way of reproduction. Back then in those dark times for all sexual active people and those who loved sex, extreme sex meant any sex that they had outside of their place. Of course such immodest things like sex in the bus or at the beach haven’t any place to happen. But a car parked somewhere in the forest could be easily used as a sin-bin. Moreover, if partners weren’t married it could be considered as extreme too.
But today it’s all different. You can make love anywhere, anytime, with anybody you want and in the way you want. I guess a bit later all those offices, cars and train cars won’t be taken by people as a place for extreme sex – they will be just a common place where you could have sex. That’s why some people are looking for the places where you could have a really extreme sex, the places which excite the blood and settling the fear in those are too silly to live though this.

Passing by the buoys

Seaside is a very common place to have sex at – beaches, yachts, balconies filled up with a sun light… but all this stuff more likely looks like a vanilla crap than as a real extreme. How about having sex on the air futon? Just watch out of being pulled over, counterpoise but don’t lower the hardness of sex. But if it’s stormy then an air futon isn’t the best idea. You should use it only when the sea is totally calm. Keep in mind that when you’ll finish you’ll more likely find yourself behind the buoys so be ready to paddle back to the shore front.

Looking for the satisfaction at the sea bottom

Those who consider a chance to be taken away into the outer sea isn’t extreme enough, can try out an underwater sex. Seriously, just take an aqualung with you and dive into the deep water with your girl. Just don’t dive into very deep places – going down for like 5 meters will be enough. Also you should take in note the bottom itself. If you’re going to make such an experiment in a Black Sea or somewhere else in Crimea then I’m about to upset you – you won’t really enjoy much the underwater place at such place since the bottom there is horrible.


Having sex while freely falling is probably the thing which every extreme and sex lover thought of. The thing is that in a free fall sex feels in a bit another way. But there’re also two technical troubles which should be solved. First one is a wind which blows too hard and another one is landing. You can sew a two-man suit that will cover genitalias. As for the landing – you should figure out how to put off you dick of the partner before landing, otherwise it could get damaged.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re falling”

But if you have enough money to rent a plane – then your abilities just have been widen a lot. After you’ll rent a plane and get off the ground, ask the pilot to fly up as high as he can and then let the plane fall down. In this way you will affectedly create gravity free effect right inside of the plane. And sex in a free gravity is a thing that every extreme sex lover should experience on his own. But if you haven’t found a girl would be just as challenging as you are, then Kiev escort service girls is just what you need! You will surely find someone among of them who is ready to live through such an extreme adventure. And as a bonus you might get an awesome blow job in a free gravity.
The main thing about extreme sex that you should keep in mind is a precise understanding of where extreme ends and life-taking things starts. Any other borders can be set only by your imagination.

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