One Night Sex

Nowadays a lot of men prefer a random one night sex rather than continual relationships with one girl. Why so? The reasons for it are quite different, but generally responsibility and liabilities seem to be scary for quite a lot of men. I mean visiting different parties and meet new girls regularly is way easier than keep up the relationships with a constant girl. This is some kind of hunting for men which helps the representatives of the sterner sex to assert oneself. But even such an irresponsive avocation has its rules which unfortunately are known to not all but just a few of men. Even one night sex has its own rules which have to be observed. Do you want to know what are they?


In case if you’re chatting with a girl whom you’re going to have sex with in a while after then you should be honest with her. Basically, the truth will change mostly nothing. But if you will be true to her – you’ll have a bit more chances to end up in bed with her since honesty has a high value for girls. So, whoever you are – you shouldn’t tell her about a big dick and incredible wealth you don’t have. Just be honest to her.

Organization is yours

Let’s say you’ve met a girl at the night club. You’re having fun together, enjoying chatting with each other and suddenly you notice that she’s ready to get rid of her panties, but still she hasn’t invited you to her place. Probably it’s impossible to hang out at her place today, so deciding where to go is up to you. You should take care of the place where to bring a girl up front. In other case you risk to end up fucking her at the night club water closet instead of a big and comfortable bad.

Follow her attitude

Sometimes it might happen so the girl wants to chat or to have a drink or maybe even flip through your old photobook. There’s nothing bad in it. It’s just about her wish to know you better. And if you’ll allow her to do that – you can be sure that sex you’re about to have will be even nastier.

Respecting her is important

Deciding if the girl wants to have sex or not is only up to a herself. The only expectance in that case might be escort girls from Kiev. But you’ll have to pay them for the satisfaction of your own desires, and often the price is quite high. Unfortunately paying for sex won’t work with a random girl from your local bar. You won’t get her logic anyway so just try to take her rejection as softly as possible. Holding up for sex is not the best idea since such behavior will surely bring you up to the troubles with law.

Safe sex

Random sex dates have one negative attribute – you always have to use condoms. Of course, there’re some thrill-seekers who aren’t interested in any protection during sex. But be sure, visiting venereologist is a usual thing for them. Are you ready for such a dangerous adventure? One should think wisely before getting into the bed with a clubber girl.

No questions

Never ever ask her any obscene questions. The amount of her lovers whom she had sex with before you shouldn’t really make any interest to you. She might start thinking that you inkle at her frivolity. Or probably she’ll think that you compare her to a cheap hooker.

Obtrusiveness isn’t needed

You spent a night together and suddenly you caught yourself thinking that you want to keep the relationships with her. Sorry, but both of you were interested only in sex. So you better throw off such minds and go and seek for another girl. Who knows, maybe the next one will be definitely better than the previous.

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