Morning Sex

The most part of the people provide a night time to sex. Coming home after work with no energy left the couple have a supper, after which they are barely “rolling” to the bedroom. In this time of the day your organism will more likely demand the rest after the hard working day. If you feel that you can barely hold your eyes opened then you should obey your organism and go sleep. But at the same time, there are a sex clubs which throw the parties only at night time. So, for some people sex at dark time of the day is some kind of a life style.
Practically, people often do not take care about how they feel and continuing being awake. Meanwhile, such behavior damages their health. Moreover, such contumacy and unwillingness to listen to your own organism leads you to bad feeling in the morning. You will feel broken and more like tired than rested.

But what should you do in such situation? You got a sexual desire but your organism isn’t in mood for sex. There’s a good way out from this situation for you, which is a morning sex.

Morning sex VS night sex

Morning sex has a row of advantages against the night sex. Firstly, morning sex is a way more pleasurable thing to wake up with than a cup of coffee or tea. Besides, it’s a good way to spur yourself to activity and set up for a work and it’s better than the morning exercises. Also as a bonus you will get a bunch of a good mood and positive for the whole up-coming day or at least for the most part of it.


Since nothing can be perfect, morning sex for sure has its own downsides, just as any other thing in this world. Most often you have to get ready for the work in the morning, so time is a very valuable resource for you which can interrupt your sex. No, it’s can’t be a reason of a sex not happening. But constantly looking at clock won’t make things any better. Maybe not starting it all might be a better option than having it in such way.

Another downside is a bad personal grooming. Fetid breath unwashed face, “bruised” look – all those things have place to be in the morning and they don’t add any sexuality to you. So anyway, you should wash your face and brush your teeth before having sex. As a last resort you could keep a glass of water mixed with lemon juice near the bed which can remove a bad smell from your mouth. And of course you should keep condoms at your bed-side table.
Moreover, some sexologists underlining the importance of biorythms match of sexual partners. If it happens so one of sexual partners is a “lark” and another one is an “owl”, then choosing a good time for sex might be a hard thing for you. However if it will happen so you will wake up in the morning with a girl whom you have outcalled yesterday to vary your sex life a bit then you won’t be bored in anyway. Kiev escort service girls don’t really bother much about biorythms and such things – they just approving their right to be named as a joy therapists again and again.

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