Interesting sex facts

Sexual revolution has been started long ago at 60’s of 20th century. Since then, people’s attitude to sex has been changed greatly, at least in those countries where advanced mass media and liberty of speech exist. New sexual tendencies even have reached ex-USSR countries, who earlier could be characterized as a society with a very high morality. In example, during the reign of communism, there was no sex at all as we consider it today. Sex was taken only as a way to make kids, nothing more. And nowadays, for example, sex in sauna, the place that clears your body and soul, is a common thing and a good source of interesting sex stories.

Conservators of this world

However, not every society of different countries are ready to accept any innovations that contradicts their culture or can somehow change their long-standing way of life. In Islamic countries such innovations are called bid’ah, and it should be mentioned that this word carries a negative connotation. The perfect example of such countries are the whole Middle East, and a lot of Asian countries. But along with them in a more civilized part of the world community such countries as Cuba and even some states of US has distinguished themselves too.
Sometimes some negative attitude to a public demonstration of someone’s passion and methods for its extinction are needed. But the law of some countries is being even a bit too hard about this. In France the kisses on the railway stations are forbidden. You will have to pay 75$ as a mulct for the breach of this law. In the same time, similar law in Indonesia forbids the kisses in a public places. Upon breaching it you’ll have to pay 33,000$ of mulct or even may end up in the prison for a period up to 10 years.

Bonded Islamic world

As everyone knows, Middle East has the highest morality at all the times. Even in terms of a present liberated world society, their morality stays unshakably high. In not so far 2004, during the best movie of the year awards has let the stage manager to kiss her in the forehead. For such a shameless offence she has been convicted for a 74 lashes. And only after public apologizes her punishment was changed with a conditional sentence.

Condoms are not for Catholics

Continuing the topic of interesting sex facts, the most advanced and well-developed countries of the world are worth to be mentioned. In example, European Catholic community was disclaiming the production and usage of condoms until the end of the 20th century. Ireland officially has allowed the import of condoms only in 1993.

Defloration as an act of mercy

Cuba has distinguished itself by the law that forbids the virgins to get married. The existence of such an interesting law has determined the appearance of specially taught groups of men who possess the defloration service. Of course, their services for such a great help aren’t free of charge.
As the result we can see that the world community’s attitude about sex and things connected to it isn’t that simple. one countries allow the same-sex marriage and recently they have came close to incest permit, while in other countries classic sex and missionary position are the only allowed ways of showing your passion to someone. Luckily, citizens and guests of our capital can fall back on Kiev escort service girls. The most of them are quite experienced and possess great skills in fulfilling men’s the most passionate and filthy desires, whether be it anal sex, striptease or even golden rain, which is mostly used by the most tempted admirers of the woman’s beauty.

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