How I Fucked My Stepmother

I’d like to admit my life was not so good that one could dream about it. When I had turned 19, I realized that my happy family broke up. My father wanted to divorce. First, I thought my parents just couldn’t hold their love and stuff. But it turned out that the reason was even more banal and quite disgusting. My infantile father was caught up by a midlife crisis or something like that. He has met a young girl, fell in love with her and wanted to marry her.
Of course, I didn’t like this. If he really couldn’t keep his dick in his pants he could just hire a girl from escort service in Kiev and none would ever know about that thing. But father didn’t really care much about my opinion on that score. I did my best to dissuade him from this stupid idea, but it was too late. Documents for divorcement were signed and the family was broken. Totally new life was waiting for me, but I didn’t know yet how exactly it will go on…

My New Stepmother

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to recollect myself and the girl of father’s choice was roaming around the house. I was trying to do not intersect with her and to ignore her presence completely. In sum, I was doing all possible to do not come across with that young stepmother of mine because I didn’t even want to say a word to her. All that was going on and on for a few days, but in the end my defense against her has sprung.
That day I came back come quite late. My father was away from home as he had driven away on the business trip and there was none but his new wifie in the house. We came across at the kitchen. All her appearance was telling that she wants to talk with me. I felt very uncomfortable near her. But there was one thing that I couldn’t deny. Whoever was that girl she looked great. She had such a delicate and neat body, you know. That fact could stroke one’s eye at once. I hated her, at least I… I was trying to, but her adorable appearance was breaking down all my impregnability and fidelity to principles.

Prolonged Conversation

I don’t even remember what have we started the conversation of. She tried to explain me that she didn’t want to break down my family but every word that was coming off her tongue was taken by me with either unbelief or ignorance. It was obvious that she is doing her best to substantiate her viewpoint but at that moment it was no skin off my nose. The only reason of why I was still keeping on listening to her was her attractiveness. And still she couldn’t get that.

Piquant Moment

She was keeping on talking about something that I wasn’t really care about back then, so I decided to jape at her a bit to attract her attention somehow. I said I could forgive her only if we will spend a night together. Her reaction to my words has put me to the alert. I got the impression that my offer wasn’t surprising to her at all. My attention was taken away trying to analyze the situation as she came very close to me. We stared at each other for a minute or so and then she suddenly took my hand and bear led me. My head was going to blow up because of all those minds in it, but I just couldn’t stop following her.

Tabooed Sex

As it turned out, we were going straight to my room. My stepmother bolted out the door after her and pushed me so I fell down on my bed. At that moment I had such a cocktail of different feeling inside me: I was scared and at the same time I was excited and wanted to fuck my father’s mistress. Being guided by instincts I started to strip that beauty. In moment I forgot about my hatred to her and broken family. I was thinking about that girl, and I was sure that I will never forget the day when I fucked my stepmother.

Everything happened right in that way. We got undressed slowly and started to caress each other. I paid attention to every centimeter of her body going lower and lower. My stepmother turned on so fast that she discontinued any foreplay and moved over to sex. I was okay with that. I started with a man-on-top position with her legs on my shoulders. I was forcing my cock in her deeper and deeper. She started to scream loud as I’ve started to move faster and faster. All that rapture and pleasure on her face were driving me crazy.
Then she rode me in cowgirl position. I was stunned how nasty she was hoping up and down on my dick. Soon I felt that I’m going to cum after a while. I wasn’t even thinking about satisfying her own desires. In a minute the feeling of bliss swallowed me completely. I cumed and stayed lying on the bed. I was trying to realize what have just happened, and when I recovered myself there was no my stepmother in my room anymore.

A Little Secret

In 40 minutes or so, I got thoughts together and went to kitchen. I found her there. She gave a showy glance, come closer to me and whispered in my ear: “You liked what just have happened, don’t you? Let it be our little secret.” I gave her a nod in approval, stayed for a while in the kitchen and then went to sleep…

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