Holiday Romance – Vocation Sex Rules

After arriving to the sea-side with friends or alone, barely any man will go on searching for a girl who could accompany him. And there’s nothing odd or strange in it, because sun, beach good attitude and a need for adventures are exactly those things that force us, men, to look for sexual adventures.
But even here, where you are not bounded by any frames and can act more freely than in conditions of a city flirt, you have to follow the basic rules. You shouldn’t take a word “rules” as something negative and consider it as something bad or bounding. In this situations they are more likely called to help you to enjoy your vocation as much as it’s possible.


As everyone knows, time is the most precious resource available for any human being. Realization of this fact is important in work and business, as well as in everything that is about vocations and holidays. After arriving to the seaside you shouldn’t waste time on looking for that “the only one” girl among hundreds of others, because you came here not in search of your future wife. Just find a cute girl with adorable body shape and get opened for any adventures.

Don’t be a dull beggar!

I doubt that she’ll be interested to your stories about how you spent hours in blockades on the way to work, or how your neighbors flooded your apartments with water and still haven’t pay you for the renovation after a half of the year. She doesn’t care about your problems at all. The only things she’s interested in are the entertainments and parties, and speaking about vocation sex – it’s not only your aim, but also her too. So you should sit back, relax and be what you really are enjoying the present. All urban troubles should stay in city. Besides, you should be as free as it’s possible about sex – if the girl says she haven’t ever tried out anal sex, then she probably haven’t ever met a good master of it who could teach her all the pros of this kind of sexual satisfaction. And also you shouldn’t forget about the sea: sex in water might become a great experience for both of you.

Division of the territory

It’s important to make things clear about your relationships’ future beforehand. You have to explain to your girl that after the end of the vocation any continuation of your relationships is simply impossible. Everything that happens on vocation – stays on vocation. To prevent any unforeseen invasion in your private life you should limit the access to your information for the girl you’ll choose to hang out with. Also it wouldn’t go amiss if you’ll limit the access to your contact information.


It’s clear that a lot of men know who the Kiev escort service girls are and how skilled they are speaking of sexual satisfaction. A lot of them even used service of those night fairies. But everyone will met on one thing – you shouldn’t tell everyone who you’ve fucked that blonde girl last night, because world is tighter than we think it is, and such information might reach the ears of people who shouldn’t know it. Same thing can be said about vocation sex. If it had the place to be then you shouldn’t tell anyone about it, even to close related friends. Who knows where will they be tomorrow?
Follow those basic rules adjusting to the situation and vocation sex won’t have any negative aftermaths for you.

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