Make your sex beautiful

There obviously is a great difference between the verbs “to make love”, “to have sex”, and “to fuck”. But what makes that difference? The answer should be emotional connotation.
Making love is tender, having sex is practical, and fucking is strong and brutal. No matter what you call this secretive interaction between people, it’s always the same – passion, abandonment, and power. There is always power of both life and death, of Eros and Thanatos in sex, and these two are intertwined in a wonderful complexity of movements, feelings, and emotions.
This entwinement is where the beauty is born.
This way or another, you may ask yourself, “What should I do to make it beautiful?” There are several recommendations of both mental and physical kind that you can take.

Turn yourself loose
If you want to have a beautiful sex, you should free yourself from fear and prejudice. It will never be good enough for as long as there is fear living inside of you. Turn your fear into fire. Fear is ugly, and freedom is beautiful.
You may have been taught different nasty things about sex. You were told you must not masturbate, you must not have sex before marriage, you must not have sex with too many partners, and you must not be gay. But why? These all are prejudices that facilitate the lives of those who fear to live. Prohibition and sex are not good partners.
Whatever people say, you should follow your desire. There is no way that is right or wrong, at least when it comes to sex.
Trust your partner
Why do we love so much those porno movies that show us outrageous, crazy, breathtaking scenes of our maddest, the most desired sexual fantasies? The answer is obvious – because we can’t let ourselves put them into practice. There’s always something that prevents us from making our dreams come true, and often the reason for that is that we don’t trust our partners. We are afraid of blame and shame; we don’t want to look ridiculous or not experienced enough.
Whatever is your fear, you have the only one way out – you should try. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Be sure you’ve taken all the precautionary measures needed – and act.
You shouldn’t be afraid of sex, for sex is natural. Whatever your sexual fantasy is – a gangbang, role playing, or a golden rain – speak it out to your partner. You’ll be surprised, but he/she may be thinking about the same thing!

Beautify it
To beautify it, you need to free yourself. And to free yourself, you need to practice. Whatever the problem is – pain, awkwardness, lack of orgasm, fear, etc. – there is one cure, and this cure is regular practice. In this respect, sex is a drug. The more sex you have, the more you crave for it. And conversely, if your sex is rare, it is low grade, and you come to be quite okay without it, which can affect your health.
Thus, practice makes perfect. The more you practice sex, the better you become in making love.
Celebrate life, enjoy beautiful sex, and don’t deprive yourself of wonderful moments, for times run out too fast!
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