Dirty Sex As A New Departure

Just as the most of the others, this kind of sexual predilection came to us from the West. Dirty sex gets more and more lovers with every day there, while on the post-Soviet Union territory there’re not many people who at least know what this kind of sex is it. Speaking of sex Americans are more inventible than our people, that’s for sure. And there’s nothing to be curious about because sexual revolution takes its start right at US.

Wet white t-shirt

Dirty sex as a new departure in sexual variety can be divided on two types: wet and mud. Wet sex itself is very unusual and looks good. It foresees fucking in a wet clothes. Barely all men loves who a big boobs look like in a wet white t-shirt. Such view can easily affect man’s mind and give him a huge boner in his pants. And if a girl is dressed with a full ammunition then man can go insane about her body willing it at any price.
But not only men get turned with a view of wet clothes. Representatives of a tender sex keep up with men about this. To their mind a wet clothes sticked around to the physically beautiful man’s body is a fascinating and firing thing.

The real dirt

Besides the bathes, Jacuzzis, pools, rivers, ponds and any other artificial or natural reservoirs, those who love dirty sex also prefer the sources of therapeuthic mud. Some people find a view of bodies pumped over with dirt very sexy. Probably that is the reason of such a high popularity of women fight in dirt in US.

“Dirty” parties

Also the followers of this sexual movement organize a private sex parties, like those which are being held in sex clubs. Only those people who are really interested in this kind of sex can get the invitation. In the end it looks like a great party with girls in night dresses and full ammunition and men in dress coats or dinner jackets. Mostly such parties are taking place at swimming pools or ponds. But sometimes people gather at the sources of therapeuthic mud.
At first glance such sexual preferences can be considered as the some kind of perversion and can’t be understood by an ordinary human. But actually it’s a wrong point of view. Moisture and warmth are two the most pleasurable things for any human. And it’s also the reason why so many men like a sixty-nine sex position or face-sitting. That’s the psychological explanation for such a strange predilection.
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