Cruel African Sex

It’s 21st century outside, age of internet and technological progress, so one would think that all people of the world should at least know what is a civilized society order. But there are some tribal communities still exist in the world. Those have no clue about what civilized society is. To their mind highly civilized Europe and America are exist somewhere far, far away, nearly on the other planet.
The most of those tribes are based in Africa. And the strangest thing about African society is that odd traditions and customs have place to be not only at wild tribes, but also among the people who seems to be quite civilized.
Here goes TOP-5 of the most odd and africanly ruthless traditions and customs of black peoples. I hope it will show you the true picture of African sex.
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5th place:
West African people have a custom according to which a man has to buy out his bride from her mother. The thing is that suitor has to sexually satisfy his mother-in-law before taking her daughter as his bride. A claimant is chosen by a father of the young woman, and the duration of the retirement depends on her mother.
4th place:
Tribes of North-West Africa have very interesting custom, or event I’d say, which is sex lottery. Each member of the tribe draw lots which is determine his sexual partner for this “sex party”. And it would be good, even probably great. But the bad thing about this is that every female member of the tribe takes part in the lottery. In case if man doesn’t want to take his “prize”, he simply can’t refuse it because he’ll be banned from all future lotteries forever.
3rd place:
In Kenya, so is at the countries of Middle East, virginity of the bride is a very important thing. To make sure that the bride is really innocence can anyone who wants to.
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2nd place:
And it’s about Kenya again. Along with this odd tradition about bride’s virginity check that reveals the truth of all oddness of African sex, the Kenyans have some kind of strange barter market. Fishing is the most popular kind of work among the people who live not far from Victoria lake. Men who got a boat and fish-tackle at their disposal, go in for fishing and then trade it to women who resell it at a bit higher price to earn some money. But money women not always pay for fish with money. The main part of the payment is sex. But the horrible thing about this is that nearly 15% of the population of this region is HIV-positive. But even this awful fact stops neither men nor women who chase the sexual satisfaction and a desire to earn money. Such barter relationships can be taken as prototype of how modern Kiev escort service girls make money for the life. But their requirements about payment pretty much higher than just a fish, as well as their bodies which are cleaner and healthier comparing to African women.
1st place:
Inhabitants of the Central Africa tribes think that man doesn’t have to suffer while having sex with a virgin girl. That’s why before marriage girls are being sent to the jungles where such an “unpleasant” procedure is being done a male gorilla. Also people of this tribe are sure that if girl couldn’t seduce even gorilla, she won’t be a good wife, that’s for sure.
As we can see African sex doesn’t include any alternative ways of sexual satisfaction like oral or anal sex. But even so, African sex has something to surprise with an average European.

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