Classic Sex: Renewing The Undying Classic

Nowadays a lot of men are being in a search of something that could vary their sexual life. They always invent some new and more perfect places where one could bang a girl. A lot of them goes to the seaside or going in for sex tourism. Those who love a real extreme try to have sex underwater or in a free fall with a parachute on the back. All those incredible ideas that are being brought into reality demonstrate greatness and infinity of human imagination.
But at the same time barely all men forgot about the classic sex. Certainly there are real extreme lovers who simply not interested in classic sex because to their mind it’s too measured and doesn’t thrill the blood. But along with that there are those who are chasing the adrenaline buzz because of despair. Classic sex just don’t give them any pleasure any more because they think that it’s too trivial.

The Real Reason

In sober fact the problem isn’t in its triviality and monody. It’s all about women. Because if all representatives of tender sex would possess high enough skills of sexual satisfaction then men wouldn’t twist their noses to all sides of the world looking for new feelings.
First of all women should take care of their appearance. Even if we, men, love cuddly shapes, it doesn’t mean that cellulitis can be loved by any man. Yes, butt can be big and even massive, but along with that it should be roundish, stiffed and pumped up.

Strong muscles are guaranty of success!

Along with training the visible muscles girls should also take care of their intimate muscles. They can be trained wherever you are without being afraid to attract any unwanted attention. Besides the simple muscle activity, there’s also a special gymnastics that will circulation of blood in the area of pelvis. Training intimate muscles means a lot for both women and men. You should just remember one of The Tales of 1001 Night of empress Shaherizada, where she was told to satisfy sultan using only her intimate muscles without any other moves.

Erotic relaxing massage is the best forplay

One of the ways to improve the quality of a regular sex is erotic relaxing massage. After such massage any man will like fly in the sky because of enjoyment, and using vaginal muscles during the sex will make it something that any man will always want to experience again and again.
In case if you still haven’t found a woman that could make you forget about any other kind of sexual satisfaction but classic sex, then you probably should fall back on service of joy therapists of our city. Kiev escort service girls sharpen their skills of seduction of men and satisfaction of their lustful desires for years. So among of them you will definitely find the one whom you could bathe with into the ocean of unheard-of pleasure.

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