Arabic Sex: Crack Opening A Secret Veil

Islamic society always shocked usual Europeans. Comparing to European, Sheriah laws and tight borders of moral always was something very unusual for a person who practices any other religion. Speaking of Arabic sex, it’s a freestanding topic which we will talk about in this article.
As it was said before, Islamic society lives in a very tight borders created by the high sense of moral. You definitely won’t meet here any thing like sex clubs, sex in public places, sexwives or prostitution. In a sexual sphere of life doesn’t look like it’s written in “Tales of 1001 nights”. What is really can be met in Islamic world are things like brutality, cruelty and bloody violence. Some Arabic countries still use rules and customs that come from the middle ages. In example, if a bride occurs to be not a virgin then groom’s relatives have a right to kill the whole family of the bride. As a punishment for this they will only get a conditional sentence, because Sheriah court takes a bride’s dishonor as a soften circumstance.

A Painfull Death As A Punishment

Every year nearly 20 young women are being killed because of dishonor in Jordan, while in Yemen those numbers are going up to 400! There’s a “Tower of Death” on the island not far from the shore front. People bring there girls who lost their virginity before the marriage and throw them down from that tower right on the sharp rocks which are in the yard of the tower. Also there’s no entrance or exit from the yard. The girls who die smashing on rocks are quite lucky comparing to those who falling down and surviving. Just imagine how it feels to a tiny girl who is laying down with her limbs broken among the pile of rotting dead bodies. Heartrending, terrifying cries reach the shores and scares semen and the citizens of shore cities. So Arabic sex isn’t just something beautiful and sophisticate but it also has a tonn of a bloody violence.

“Democratic” Lebanon

But those laws don’t work in all countries anymore. For example, in Morocco a woman who has born a bastard child will get the 6 months of a jail and all her family will have to pay a big surchange while the child will be take to specialized orphanage. An attitude to non-virgin brides is not so bad anymore. In Lebanon only 50% of all girls who are marrying are virgins. And no one makes any panic if it goes in a such way – a father of a dishonored girls just have to return to husbands parents a part of the money which he got for the bride’s buy out.
Speaking of sexual minorities, people’s attitude to them depends on the country. But basically, Islamic society is very aggressive to them. Gays might get castrated while lesbian will get her hair shaved and her tongue cut.

On The Way Up To The Liberation

To crack open a veil somehow and open to the world a true picture of Arabic sex, Lebanon has started transmit a TV program named “Canvas Yankee”. It reveals all secrets of oral, anal sex and all other kinds of unusual for Islamic society sex games. But what is really interesting is that you can pretty often see the representatives of the sexual minority here. Of course they keep in secret their personality fearing for the safe of their own life, because Arabic society mainly still lives according to old Sheriah laws. This TV program is being transmitted only in night time and dedicated only to intimate theme. Also TV programs from next door countries who are not so bonded has a great influence with Islamic people.
Besides, a lot of people who were in Europe and came back home, don’t consider Arabic society and its laws as something horrible and scary. Backward to this, they believe that with a time they can change an Islamic society and precipitate all medieval laws and rules which rule Middle East countries for now. Probably soon unshakable Islamic moral will fall down so much that there will occur prostitutes in Arabic countries. Meanwhile Kiev escort service girls have a lot of Arabic men as their clients.

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