An Incredible Sex At The Wedding With A Fabulous Girl

Surely all men who love fast sex or one night stand were dreaming about sex at the wedding with a sexy friend of a bride. A lot of them even have seen “Wedding Crashers” movie and would like to repeat the feats of main heroes. In reality it’s all easier and more banal, but still pretty hot. I’ll tell you the story about how I was surprised with a sex at the wedding of my cousin.
On Monday I’ve received an invitation to the wedding of my cousin Max. Of course I was glad to receive it and wanted to greet my cousin with this important and serious decision in his life. But for me an invitation to such party meant that all next week I’ll spend in preparations for an upcoming event. I had to write a speech, to buy a new suit and a pair of shoes and also pay a visit to my barber. Also I had to mobilize all my creativity and choose a good present for a just married couple. All that meant that in terms of my tight working schedule I won’t have any time for the gym or books reading.
It’s curious to relate, but I’ve done all tasks quite fast and easy. Besides the cash present I’ve decided to make another one, creative and symbolic. I knew that my brother wants to build his own house, so I was hoping that my present will somehow spur him into action. But I’ll tell you about this later.
On the event day we all gathered at a hotel resort which stands in one of the villages not for from Kiev. There were a lot of different things on its territory, starting with sauna and ending with a playground. There even was a football field. And of course there were a pool and a pond.

But I was stunned not with how the complex territory was arranged. After I came to the event my eyes have started to spread out chasing all the beauties which were there. While looking at any of them you start thinking about sex at wedding, if you don’t want to. But sadly pretty soon I figured out that the most part of the girls came here with their men, and the rest who were not rly numerous and not so hot were helping a bride. There was only one smart and hot girl, but she was helping the bride as well.
During the feast I said out my speech about my cousin’s dream and presented him a brick painted with a golden paint. According to my words, this brick should have become a first stone in the foundation of his house. My cousin liked the present and promised to use it just as I said. But along with that I’ve noticed one strange thing. With an averted vision I saw how one of brides female friends gave me a strange impudent look. I haven’t given it any attention and just ignored that. Honestly I wanted a party to be over soon since I did my job here.
A while later when the party was almost over, that girls who gave me that strange glance came up to me and offered to have a walk outside. I was confused a little but surely couldn’t refuse her offer. It was strange but a thought about sex at wedding has appeared just like a lightning in the sky and disappeared with the same speed. We went outside of an events hall and moved on walking around the pond. We told each other a bit about ourselves, shared the emotions about the wedding and then happened a thing which i expected in no way. She looked right into my eyes with some special glance and told me that she wants me to take her over the hair and fuck her hard. I was stunned with such words and couldn’t move for a while. It took my brain a few seconds to understand what my ears just passed to him. But before the brain my dick was the first one who got the sense of her words. Till the time when we got to the arbor I had a huge bone in my pants and I couldn’t think about anything but her ass.

She took my cock out of the pants and started to suck it fiercely, swallowing it up to the balls and trying to stick my dick deeper and deeper in her throat. A view of her tiny and beautiful mouth swallowing my cock was incredible and the blow job itself was so great that I cumed after a few minutes right into her throat. I thought that this is the end but to my surprise she hasn’t stopped even for a minute continuing sucking my cock pushing it deeper and deeper into her throat. I was a bit shocked and after a minute or two my little friend was ready to fight again.
This time I took the lead. I raised her from the knees, turned around and bent over. She liked such threat and it turned her even more. I raised her dress slightly, took down her panties and noticed that her pussy was very juice and moist. I put her hair around my fist and brought her in by the hair and whispered in her ear: “You like being fucked just like a slut, don’t you?” She tried to answer something but I haven’t heard what exactly she was moaning. I started to tease her rubbing her pussy with my cock but without entering her. After a minute I felt like her legs are trembling and she started to beg me to fuck her as hard as I can. I stringed her along a couple of seconds more and then I sticked my cock in her pussy with a large scale and started to fuck her. She called out because of surprise and then she fully relaxed and I felt the full control over her body. She was moaning and was trying to wrest out but I was holding her still and hard. After like 20 minutes or so took my dick out of her fast, put her on the knees, stick my cock in her throat and cumed directly in there. Honestly, this time my legs were trembling because of such a nasty orgasm.
After this we’ve exchanged with a couple of words, brushed ourselves as good as it was possible and moved on to a banquet hall. This night I’ve stroke out of the list a dream about sex at the wedding. After that wedding I’ve never heard about her again and I wasn’t looking for a date with her. But once, as luck would have it, I found her photos at the web site with Kiev escort service girls. I wasn’t thinking for too long – I just set the date with her. She was very surprised when she saw me at the door of her place. But that is completely another story.

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