What is the sex the same are the relationships

megan_gale6 01 Окт

Sex plays a great role in the people’s life. Those times when a woman was waiting for her knight for many years in a high tower have passed many centuries ago, and maybe they have never existed in reality, but only in the novels of the last romantics ever. Of course, the boys and men who appreciate a girl’s chastity is not yet extinct, but they also like to «spoil» as more girls as possible and then find their only one, who had saved their virginity only for him.

Nowadays all modern well educated people understand all the benefits of sex for health, as well as the truth that what is the sex, the same are the relationships. This truth is equally correlates to women and men.


Successful family life cannot exist without good, and most importantly regular sex. Many believe that it could be the primary reason for divorce in those days, when almost all brides were innocent. The young people married having no any sexual experience, and then there appeared quarrels because of problems in sex. The worst thing is when the man has no any experience in the area of sexual relationships, because primarily he has to be active in bed. In such family people will either break up, or will be looking for tenderness and pleasure with the other partner, and for any accusations will give the simplest answer: “what is the sex the same are the relationships”.


Not exclusively the family relationships can be dependent on that what is the sex between the partners. Young people often make a lot of effort to bring their partner as much pleasure as possible and to be the best for him or her. And many of them understand that what is the sex the same will be the future of their relationships. But there are also those who make the mistake paying too much attention to sex, putting it on the first place, compared to other factors, that have tremendous value in building the successful relationship. Often focusing on what is the sex, the  couple forgets about the spiritual component of love, the one without which sex has nothing to do with love.


Really, many things depend on that what is the sex in the relationship, but not everything. But that is already another issue. And for the sex was really qualitative, you should follow the simple tips. Do not forget about the caresses – give them to each other in abundance. Have sex only if you both want it. Do not forget about the variety in bed – do not be afraid to experiment with poses, the time of day and the venue for the love games. Feel free about your desires, and, what is more, don’t be afraid to discuss them with your partner. Remember, the more you talk about sex and your preferences in bed, the more likely that the quality of sex will increase.

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