What does the sex mean in the woman’s life

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Every person has their own opinion about that what does the sex mean in the woman’s life.  Very common is the belief that sex for women is not such an important part of life. Indeed, there is probably no any single correct opinion about what does the sex mean in the woman’s life. But why? Sex for every woman is a purely individual question. The sensations of different women and girls during sex are different, and most often the cause of this is the physiological characteristics of the organism. Besides the hormones, a variety of age, hereditary and psychological factors also affect the female libido.


The first signs of the female sexual desire appear in girls in early teenage age. Then the foundations of the ideal of a man are made, and that ideal may remain unchangeable till the end of life. But during their life people face many problems, stresses and anxiety, and all that can lead to the change of priorities, and the image of the ideal partner also changes. At the same time may change and the power of sexual desire, and these changes may be directed both downward and upward.

Great influence on the sexual life of a woman has her first sexual experience. The way the defloration passes greatly affects the psychological condition of the woman, as well as her feelings during the subsequent sexual encounters. To the first time did not leave negative memories, pain or even traumas, the man should be gentle and very attentive to the girl.


Since we are already talking about the tenderness – then let’s continue. Tenderness to the woman must be present not only during the first sex, it should be present all the time. Caresses, kisses, words of love and compliments — this is what gives the women a real pleasure and makes sure that they are needed and loved. Therein lies the difference between female and male sexuality. The emotional component of sex is a priority for women. For men, the most important is the physical contact. Therefore, if a man does not give a woman enough warmth and feeling of love, then this sex for her would not be complete. If a woman does not get full satisfaction from sex, she gradually loses her interest in it, and avoids it.

Sufficiently regular frequent sex has beneficial effects on a woman’s body. Since the female organism strongly depends on the hormones the sex helps maintain their balance. Sexually satisfied woman will be happy, in normal emotional and psychological state.


We have figured out what does the sex mean in the woman’s life. Women should take care of your health, and do not refuse from sex, especially if it is sex with a beloved man. Men should be gentle with their loved ones and should not forget about the ancient purpose of sex – to please a woman, and only then think about their own needs.

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