Virtual sex

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Statistics reveals that about 7% of active Internet users are having sex online. This phenomenon is called virtual sex. If you put these seven percent of the number of the population that is actively using the global network, it will almost ten million people. But it’s really a lot. There are several reasons of that the virtual sex is so popular and is gaining more popularity.

Often, virtual sex is present in the lives of those people who do not have enough emotions and impressions in reality. They get from the online sex completely new experience, the impressions which they will never get in the real life. Virtual sex wins to real also because it is absolutely safe in all the respects. During having the virtual sex you will never get sexually any transmitted diseases, will not get pregnant, and in the end, will not feel anything unpleasant, only the opposite experience.


Psychologists say that many diffident people, virtual sex helps to believe in themselves, that is to gain the self-confidence. People with very low self-esteem find sexual partners with great difficulty, and in the virtual world finding the partner for sex is easier without even showing the face. How strange it may seem to be, but a significantly higher proportion of people who are engaged in virtual sex is the older generation, that is, people from thirty to forty-five years, and not the teens as it may seem at first glance.


With the rapid development of technology develops the virtual sex and everything connected with it. Thus appeared special costumes for the cybersex. Person wears a suit, mounts a special sex simulator to a computer via USB-port and the partner who is on the other side of the screen manages the device. But that did not stop, and in the early years of the two thousandth American company has created costumes for virtual sex, on which there were 36 sensors. There existed such costumes for both women and men. Additionally helmet was created, through which one could still hear and see their partner without taking care of the monitor. Modern developers promise that soon it will be possible to create the partner of your dreams, giving them the desired parameters using the latest computer developments.


Despite the widespread popularity of the virtual sex yet it can never replace the real sexual relationship of a man and a woman. After all, the purpose of sex is to man could procreate, and during sex in the net the reproductive functions are not implemented in any way.

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