Their first and last sex

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It was late spring. The new intercity express train raced between woods and fields. The weather was clear and even a little dry. But in the cars of the new train the passengers felt comfortable and were enjoying the ride. The way was long. The majority of passengers were traveling for about ten hours already. They managed to get acquainted with each other and found a common topic for the conversations. The station was nearing.


Only the dozen of passengers was waiting for the train at the station. If you happened to be there, your attention, no doubt, would have attracted a couple of young people who were among the future passengers of the coming express. To be more precise we have to tell that these two people weren’t the couple. Apparently they got acquainted here and today and now were talking to each other so joyfully. The girl had a very cute smile and from time to time was lowering her eyes taking the glance away from the pleasant young man. Man vividly was telling about something, and the girl laughed. They both had their last sex a long time ago. The train was coming nearer to the station, and with it the dusk was coming.

How often there are such happy coincidences, we don’t not know, but the guy and the girl were the passengers of the same compartment. And yet no one has joined to them, the man and woman had a friendly conversation. At some point between them ran almost imperceptible hot spark, and both of them felt it. Young blood soon began to boil in their veins. Knowing that it is likely to be their first and last sex, they were getting more excited.


In order this their «last sex» just worked out, they made sure that the next station is still quite far away, and they will not be disturbed in the nearest time. Having locked the door from the inside, they finally allowed the passion shut down their heads and bodies. Since there was nowhere to hurry, this first and last sex of two young and beautiful people was gathering pace very slowly. The guy was very tender, flavorful and generous for affection. The girl was exciting more and more, and her young beautiful pussy seemed to begging for love, releasing the hot liquid. They slowly lowered to the shelf. He took the missionary position and slowly introduced his already tight enough, but still humble penis into the burning with desire young beauty. She had almost screamed in such a welcome pleasure, for which she was waiting so long, but it took her a half of second to remember where they were, and to find the strength to hide the sounds of love in her mouth. He entered her to the very bottom, so that she felt as her buttocks touched his testicles. Enjoying each other, they kissed very passionately. Not bringing his friend out, the guy lifted the girl grabbing her rounded ass, and put in front of him on the table. They began to move to the rhythms of the sounds of the train. Both partners were coming closer to the orgasm. Making a few more deep thrusts into her womb, the guy sped up, and after a few seconds their magical first and last sex ended. Still holding each other’s arms, both realized that the train approaches the station, and began to dress hurriedly, quietly giggling and looking at each other with great warmth and gratitude.


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