The unsafe sex

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What is safe sex even schoolchildren know in our time. Completely contrary to it is the unsafe sex. The unprotected sex, that is, the one during which you are not using any contraception to avoid the unwanted pregnancy or what is more awful, the diseases, that are sexually transmitted, is called the unsafe sex. In honor of the goddess of love Venus, the diseases, transmitted during the love, that means sexually, are called venereal. Some of these diseases are asymptomatic, and they are very difficult to diagnose, and a person can be a carrier of a dangerous venereal infection, even without knowing it. The most common diseases that can be brought be the unsafe sex are characterized by the main symptoms such as burning, itching in the genital area and slime secretion. It is also important to know that not only the classical vaginal sex can be dangerous – the infection with the same success and are also transmitted during anal and oral sex.


Although at an early stage the disease is in the body, it is not very annoying for the person, and many simply can ignore it, but you need to know that the neglected infections lead to the serious sexually transmitted diseases, which in the future may cause the infertility. Besides, that applies both to men and women equally. If the unsafe sex, which also proved to be contagious, has led to a pregnancy, the child from the infected woman can be born with serious health problems, ranging from bronchitis and conjunctivitis, to the pathology of the brain, as well as the baby’s death.


In men, the symptom of infection be the venereal disease is also considered to be the reduction potency, the pathological changes of sperm. Despite the fact that in our time the propaganda of contraceptives, namely condoms to protect against the spread of venereal diseases is at a high level, many still neglect the protection and choose the unsafe sex. This has led to a wide spread of diseases around the world. Remember that the yet incurable disease of our time, HIV AIDS is sexually transmitted, and do not forget about the protection of sexual intercourse.

If you have noticed the symptoms of the venereal disease in yourself do not to see the doctor, because if the disease moves to the next stage, or in the chronic, then the cure will be much harder. Do not use the alternative medicine methods or self-medication – it is not effective in this case.


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