The signals that a girl wants sex

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Every man at least once in his life have asked himself a question about the signals that a girl wants sex, and that do they really exist? All men have the times when you are on a date and don’t understand will they have sex tonight or not. For the girls didn’t consider you to be boring or too dissolute we’ve composed this article, that, hopefully, will help you to understand the signals that a girl wants sex.


There happen quite controversial occasions. You are on a date with a girl, you see and clearly understand that she frankly makes it clear that she wants you. But, if you start to do the reciprocal steps she say immediately: “No, I’m not like the others, I don’t have sex on the first date!” , or “We are not to hurry, it’s too early for the intim”, and of the same sort.  You make the step backwards, and at the moment she starts to flirt again, and gives the hints of potential sex. Comes the question: why the girls’ behavior has no logic at all? The thing is that the woman has already planned everything beforehand. She provokes the man to get interested in her. Do not get fooled by such provocations. 99% of women won’t show that they want sex if they really want it. But this can be notice4d in the gestures.

How to understand that a girl wants sex:

  1. She breaths in deeply, opens the mouth a little while breathing. Listen to the rhythm of breathing and if it changes – it’s a signal that she is excited.
  2. The girl gives a smile as the answer to your smile, or just smiles often to you and her eyes are shining.
  3. She doesn’t miss the opportunity to touch you. But you are to be attentive with it, because if she touches the other men all the time that can’t be considered to be the signal of that she wants you.
  4. The woman cannot react neutrally to your touches. She may incurve, or a light trembling comes through her body which you will surely feel if touch her body.
  5. The girl tries to stay near you, to cuddle up to you. For example, she can put her chin on your chest, to cuddle to your back. It is the sign of her interest in you.
  6. The girl is blushing if catches your eyes on herself. This maybe is not the sign of her excitement for sure, because it is possible to flash because of the worry. But blushing because of the excitement is possible.
  7. She plays with her hair. Why is it the sign of excitement? The thing is that the nape and neck contain a lot of the erogenous zones. And when the girl wants sex she will be playing with her curls stimulating the erogenous zones at the same time.
  8. One of most obvious signals of that the girl wants sex is when she proposes you to look at her tattoo or mole, which are placed in the zesty places.
  9. She allows you to touch her erogenous zones. That means that she wants you to excite her even more. It is the right signal of you will have sex very soon.


The theory is studied and you know how to distinguish the signals that a girl wants sex, and now you should not hesitate and immediately use the information in practice. The cheap prostitutes of Kiev will tell and show you more things from the world of sex – they will add the zest and serve with pleasure the dish called classic.