The secrets of the ideal sex

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The harmony in bed remains very desired, and in the same time very unattainable dream for both partners in any form of the relationships. It doesn’t matter if you have a fleeting romance, sex without a commitment or a long family life – you always want to be understood, because in such case it will be the ideal sex.


The ideal sex is the sexual intercourse after which the partners have no any claims to each other, when all the desires are satisfied and nobody is ashamed. Are there any secrets of the ideal sex, that will give the maximum of pleasure and bring the harmony to the spiritual relationship? So, the secrets of the ideal sex, or what you know but forget to use.

Secret #1 Men are egoistic. He loves himself, loves pleasure and wants to get it without any efforts. The woman can make a wonderful blowjob, sensitive massage or organize hot leaps on him in the position of a rider. But it is necessary not to turn these delicacies in bed into the usual thing for the man – the woman should have the reserve of such trump cards for the special occasion.

Secret #2 Men like active women. When men are always responsible for the creativity and ideas in bed they are bored soon because they are getting tired of such responsibility and your intimate life would be monotonous and insipid. Men appreciate independent and courageous women, women who propose various new poses, talk about their desires and are not afraid of the experiments.


Secret #3 Men are afraid of the failures. Many women know about this and even many of them use this. Women are not to imitate the orgasm to make the man more confident – they are only to enjoy what is happening now and that will surely bring more pleasure to both partners.

Secret #4 Both men and women don’t like slovens. Take care of yourself. Go in for sports, love shower and don’t forget to wear scent even if you don’t go anywhere during the weekend.

Secret #5 The dialogue is necessary. Speak, speak and speak again. Speaking about the sex with the person you love can be even pleasant. Never compare your partner with anybody, don’t point out the drawbacks. If one of the partners is not satisfied – the only one way to do it correctly is to talk about it and make a decision, because nobody can read minds still.


Secret #6 The woman is not obliged to do everything by herself. After reading the previous secrets it may seem that the responsibility for the ideal sex lies on woman. The man is to remember about her pleasure, amaze her  with the new things for sex to bring only positive emotions and pleasure.

Secret #7 Don’t be afraid, you won’t get tired from the foreplays. Do not feel sorry for at least 5 minutes for the petting and kisses before the beginning of the sexual interaction. The foreplays bring positive results, and add to the relationships the lacking tenderness and intimacy. As you can see, the secrets of the ideal sex are not the secrets at all.

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