The positions, which will provide the perfect sex while sitting

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Speaking about the sex while sitting, we may speak about a certain level of comfort and not much bother about how much you are flexible, because predominantly during this sex both partners sit comfortably. Every experienced lover probably already used one of the poses for sex while sitting, and we will talk about a few positions in which sex while sitting precisely will appeal to many.


A man sits on the edge of the bed or in a chair, legs spread a bit; woman sits on his hips her back to him, resting her hands on his knees, her legs apart on the sides of his feet. A man can hold a woman’s waist or shoulders. But the partners in this position should not sit up straight, and so that the angle of penetration was comfortable. A man can bend back a little, and the woman forward.

For the next pose man occupies the same starting position as for the previous one. Now the woman sits to face her partner, but can also rest her hands on his knees, her legs set wide apart on either side of the man, and she can draw them on the floor for additional support. For a more convenient angle of penetration partners may deviate back slightly.


Sex while sitting can be diversified by the other pleasant position. A man can sit on the floor and put his feet in Turkish. Woman at this time should lie down in front of him, preferably even on his feet, put her feet on both sides of him, and can rest her hands on the floor. After the insertion of the penis into the vagina, a man can put his hands under her buttocks, or under her knees, and, thus, hug her legs. Both partners can make frictions, as well as to watch each other, because it serves as an additional stimulation for almost all people. Sex while sitting in such position may be supplemented by some changes. For example, everything remains the same, only the woman settles her legs onto the man’s shoulders. Estimate that same position at different angles.


In the next pose the position of the man is not changed and the woman lies on her stomach in front of him so that her legs were on both sides of him. In this position the woman’s buttocks are in contact with the body of a man, and that gives her the extra stimulation. The angle of penetration is also very pleasant and comfortable.

The last, and, probably, the most unusual pose. A man is sitting, his legs bent in knees, leans back and rests on the straight arms; woman sits in a similar position on the man’s thighs and inserts a penis into her vagina. There is a small downside to having sex in such position to fulfill the moves towards each other is easy enough but to do the reverse moves is not an easy task at all. But having the strong arms this position is not difficult at all.

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