The Most Common Sex Positions

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Missionary Sex Position

The most important advantage of the missionary position for sex — its romantic component. You can look into the eyes of a partner, kissing, whispering stupid things in the ear, hugging and caressing. On the other hand, pose for sex «missionary,» a man can feel like a «lord.»

Another plus: when «the man is on the top, means face to face» it significantly stimulated the women clitoris, which means that the probability that she will have orgasm increases. Also this sex position is good for lazy people, because it requires no special flexibility, sexual experience. This classic pose is the most convenient for partners who have sex for the first time with each

Missionary Sex Position is rational: it is possible to have sex under the covers, which is important during the cold season.

Although in terms of physical activity missionary position is not the most effective, but the men are training the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. And if you do not lie on your partner and get up on the hands or elbows, then you are training muscles of the chest, shoulder and forearm. Women do not train, but only in this position, they have relax.

The Rider

The man lies on the back. Woman, bending your knees, straddles it. The main feature of this sex position that the rider can control of the process, enjoying her undivided power over the partner. In this case, she can choose the most convenient angle of the body, to control the rhythm, stimulate the clitoris.


Some women try to avoid such position. But this pose is one of those in which the woman openly shows her sexy  to partner. It makes on  men an indelible impression.


This position allows for maximum penetration by reducing the length of vagina. Doggy-style especially well stimulated point G. In some women, this area is very sensitive, so it can deliver discomfort. Lie down on your belly and slightly raised buttocks so that he can enter into you. A man in this position leans on palms or falls on you. In addition the woman can stick her  hand under the belly and take care of her clitoris.


Married couples generally use these sex positions. If you want to feel something unknown, refer to our website, we guarantee you a bunch of unforgettable emotions and satisfaction.