The lesbian sex

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Surely every one of us have asked the question themselves: how do the homosexual couples have sex? We’ll try to give the answer to this question by means of describing the process from the beginning to the end, and gain insight of the love between a woman and a woman.

The lesbian sex begins from the hugs and kisses and then women pet the breasts and genitals of each other. The active lesbian is always following the reaction of her partner, whereas the men stimulate the breasts to arouse only themselves.

To reach the orgasm the lesbians prefer to use the cunnilingus. And those girls who have the oral sex are more than satisfied with their sexual life for sure. Woman always understands the other woman better than men can understand, and that’s why they know practically everything about the desires of each other in bed. But 25% of lesbians rarely have oral sex or have never tried it at all.


Lesbian sex includes the pointing, surface touches that excite women more than pressing or stroking by the palm. Some lesbians arouse each other coming into contact by the whole body or only by the genitals, but these touches are not enough to have the orgasm. The anal stimulation is practiced by lesbians quite rarely. One overview, based on the poll of 771 lesbian couples and 3547 heterosexual married couples, shows that the homosexual couples have sex more rarely than married heterosexuals. But the other survey that investigated not couples but the individuals says that the lesbians have sex more often than the heterosexual women, more often have orgasm, have more partners and get more sexual pleasure.


The lesbian sex is very tender; it begins from the long and careful undressing with the gentle undoing of buttons and hooks.  The copulation of two lovers is accompanied by the whisper – it is very arousing for both of them. And that is not surprising, because, as the statistics says, 85% of women adore feeling whispers in their ears. The thing is that the ears and nape is the strongly expressed erogenous zone of the majority of women. The lesbian sex contains the elements of the striptease show. The demonstration of their body is one of the essential elements of the sexual game for the lesbians. They are able to perfectly present themselves. Everything is present here – from the slow undressing to the masturbation in front of the partner.


The lesbian sex may last for hours. The erection after the satisfaction doesn’t disappear, so they can love each other the whole night long.

The lesbian sex becomes more diversified with the help of the sex toys. The lesbians use the whole range of the sex-shop products – from the sexy attires to the complex mechanical devices. As a result, the lesbian sex is never boring or monotonous, that can be a constant problem of the heterosexual couples.


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