The First Affinity or How to Have the First Sex

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The first sexual experience is very important for both for girls and for boys. It  is very important  for a young people to do it. For the question of how to have the first sex, I can answer,  that the first thing that has to be is a trust to each other. Both partners need to feel the desire. Basically, for all the girls are very important how to have the first sex. Girls saves themselves for a lover. Girls and boys are experiencing an equally strong, because it is a very serious step in their relationship. The guys wanted to do everything in the right form. The girls are also worried that  don’t know how to do this. But also girls are afraid of pain. Therefore it is necessary to prepare everything  well, that it would not be spontaneous and not to damage the relationship.


The beginning of sexual activity is a responsible decision, so you need to prepare mentally and physically. Only you can choose where and how to have the first sex. To enjoy this, please, not to be hurry. You need to start with the touches and kisses. To feel free you should to get used to each other. You should to talk about simple topics, can remember  the good times when you were walking together, it is impossible to tell vulgar jokes.  You should to undress her slowly and undress themselves. If you see that the girl is shy, you can gently push her into action. Kiss her and love, to awaken the desire in your woman.


How to prepare to have the first sex in correct form?

Firstly it would be better  to go into the shower. The guy has to buy condoms, but not in a stall, but in a pharmacy. It is necessary to buy good and quality condoms. The  atmosphere should be  comfortable, don’t be hurry. Bedroom  is the best place for the first sex. The good time is when you stay alone at home. The right mood for romance will help you  to do everything  in correct way. You need to prepare a good bottle of wine to take off a little stress. But the most important thing is not to drink too much. You can say a toast with a glass of wine, the girls like to hear the beautiful and sweet words in their address.  Do you know  where are in your girlfriends the erogenous zones? If you don’t know you can read the professional literature on how to give pleasure. But  it is difficult  to use the Kama Sutra poses for the first time. Classical sex is the best for the first sex. For a guy, it is important to be able to put on a condom, so you can try to do it before.  Also you can spread a towel or napkin stock up because of the girl’s blood.82b04cd5aa016d979fe048f3ddf0e

There are also specialized websites in which there are different  kinds of girls who are ready to have sex with you. They  show and tell you how to have first sex. Of course, it costs  money, but there are the cheapest prostitutes in Kiev, they also have a lot of experience. Don’t refuse with such a pleasure!!!